Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nasi Tumpang,The Warung@ Midvalley Megamall

I am such a frog under a well, I have not heard of nasi tumpang until I read Masak Masak' blog about this traditional Kelantanse rice. I decided to give a try at The Warung when I was in Midvalley last few weekend. Check this nicely wrapped conned shaped rice....

It has got layer of chicken curry, sambal and meat floss( a bit sweet gravy)......

something special and taste quite good, I like it!

We also ordered nasi lemak with chicken....this is just normal only, nothing to shout about.

Anyway, nice nasi tumpang!
The warung is located at 1st floor, near KTM Station entrance.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuala Sepatang Seafood - Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai

During the Raya break, we went to Kuala Sepatang for seafood. CK has good review about this place, so we decided to give a try. Since it's our first time to Kuala Sepatang, it took us some time to locate the place. However, it's not difficult, as Kuala Sepatang is a small town. This restaurant is the most crowded one and I am surprise to see the "fragile" set up of the shop, somewhat like hanging on the air...
Since it's holiday season, the place was super crowded, and we were not allowed to re-order, as advised by the lady who took our ordered. I desperately wanted to try their mantis prawns, but, when the time I ordered, it was sold out....sigh...

Anyway, we ordered the signature assam steamed fish. It was so good. The assam gravy was not too sour, very nice to have it with rice. Not to mentioned, the fresh fish pieces, make me feel like having more and more!

Another dish was Kam Heong Crab also finger licking good. I love it because the aromatic gravy has really penetrated to the lovely crab.

The big prawns were fresh and a simple pan fried prawns can turned out to be so tasty, I really have to salute the chef!

One more vege - Belacan Kangkung was not in picture, believe me, it taste superb as well!
I reckon this place is an ideal place for great seafood, especially if you love heavy, strong, full of "wok hei" way of cooking. Not only that, I feel the MSG level was quite low. Just that, since it was a super crowded day, the service was not that good. Perhaps, should go again during not peak. Total price was around RM80, value for money!
150, Tepi Sungai,
34560, Kuala Sepatang, Taiping.
Tel: 012- 559 8798 / 012- 5007893/ 05-858 1169

Saw a fishing boat arrived to deliver seafood right here at Tepi Sungai.

We also drop by Taiping town to "da bao" the famous Char Koay Teow at the food court behind the wet market. It was wrapped in lotus leave, was really good. Remember this stall - NO:46.

That's end of the makan trip....I wish to go again for their mantis prawn.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hong Kong Post #3 - Sis' Wedding Dinner

Yea, this time HK trip was to attend sis' wedding. First time having typical chinese wedding dinner in HK. We all love the food, was very good. All together 10 dishes and 1 dessert served. 10 symbolizes wholesome and of course dessert is a must in all wedding cause its sweetness wishes the newlyweds a sweet life.
Check out the menu, if you read Chinese.

Since we were sitting at the head table, all the dishes were served individually to us already, so, didn't get a chance to snap the nice photo of the "original" dish.
The stage

The different sauces served

The first dish was Suckling Pig Ping Pun 拼盤. As we know, chinese food has special symbolism - mostly symbolize happiness, prosperity, longevity etc. Do you know why roast suckling pig always served in Chinese Wedding? This is because roasted suckling pig is a symbol of the beginning of a family of newlyweds.

The second dish is abalone with Kai Lan. It symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

Then comes the scallops.In chinese scallops sounds like "bringing son" so obviously it symbolizes fertility.

Stuffed Crab Claws was nicely fried. I check on the internet, crab claws served in whole symbolizes completeness.

A must in all chinese wedding dinner - shark fin soup. Once again,it indicates wealth,that's Chinese huh! Wealth is always the most important element LOL!

Next is braised goose feet, mushroom and grapeskin with vege. No idea what's this dish symbolizes, but found out that vegetables emphasizes unity and harmony.

Steamed fish - serving fish is a must in Chinese dinner as it represents life of abundance as fish sounds like "plentiful" in Chinese.

Fried chicken symbolizes good life.

I was too busy to snap photos of the lovely couple and forgot to take the photo of the lotus leaf rice. I remembered it taste very good!!!

Noodles served just right before dessert symbolizes longevity because noodles come in long strands.

Lastly, the sweet red bean with glutinous ball dessert.

That's a nice dinner for the lovely couple. Once again, may you guys have a warm and love filled wedded life ahead!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hong Kong Post #2 - Coffee Page

I am a coffee lover. I love to try different type of coffee whenever I travel. This time around, tried a really nice coffee at Hong Kong Airport - the departure hall.
Espressamente sells Illy coffee. I bought this lovely Chestnut Coffee, simply lovely, aromatic chestnut blended just perfectly with the coffee.

Check this out next time when you are there!

I also tried McCafe Ice-blended....comparable to our Coffee Bean Ice-blended in terms of taste.

There were lots of pastries sold at McCafe, but I didn't try.

Anyway, all look mouth-watering!!! Mayb I should check it out during my next visit...what to do, too much good food to savour!

I don't know when I started developed the habit of shopping at supermarket whenever I go for trips. Anyway, it's always fun to shop at supermarket to see the different types of products available at other countries. While shopping around ParknShop百佳, spotted our local Ipoh Coffee sold at Hong Kong...not bad huh, they have expanded internationally. BTW,I also spotted Old Town White Coffee sold at Bali.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hong Kong Post #1 Seafood@ Lau Fau Shan 流浮山

I went to Hong Kong for a short, really short trip to attend my sis wedding. There was not much time to explore for food and even shopping!
The day we arrived, we went to Lau Fau Shan 流浮山 for seafood, one of the popular seafood venue besides Lei Yue Mun.
Since my brother in law is a familiar with this place, he brought us to one quite secluded restaurant. In fact, there are more than 20 restaurants in this seafood area.
One can buy their own seafood in this area and request the restaurants to cook for you. Or else, you may just place an order there.
Lots of stalls selling dry seafood products, tidbits along the restaraunts area...

Check this out, the entrance of to the restaurant, no name displayed LOL!

The first dish that came was fish soup with tofu and salted vege, very nice soup without any fishy taste and I reckon not much MSG added. I love it!

I don't know what's this call excatly - - but personally I don't like this..even though the sauce taste good!

I love this prawns stir fry- super fresh prawns and tasty sauce!!! want more of it!

Abalone- mini version

My fav- scallops - the soup esp is the main ingredient that make it superb!

Two different types of fish - steamed and stir fry
This fish belly stir fry is really good- enough wok hei!!

And the veg

I guess everybody enjoys the food. Finger licking good! The feeling of having seafood in Hong Kong is different from Malaysia, the way they cook the dishes is not as rich as here. I would say both has their own attraction. But freshness wise, we are still lacking behind..
Total damage was HK2,000 +. According to my BIL, this is quite reasonable as per head is around HK150.
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