Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bali Post # 5

A place one shouldn't miss is Tanah Lot for any Bali tour. The natural beauty of Tanah Lot is indeed marvellous! I love to hear the sound of the waves and admiring the beauty of the sea!!

Of course there were plenty of stalls selling Balinese products in Tanah Lot, as long as u bargained, it's ok to buy things here!!
We even bargained for a bottle of mineral water LOL!!! Or else, you'll be paying double the price!

After Turtle Island and half-glass boating to see corals, we headed for a comparatively nicer lunch in a ship. I love this old-style wooden ship...lovely!

This set of rice with pickled vege, Balinese style chicken, potatoes etc was rather good among the other meals we tried in Bali. Satisfied!

As for dinner, we were brought to a Chinese styled restaurant on the way back from Tanah Lot. We wonder why they only served us good food at the last day of the trip haha....the simple dishes taste ok ( as compared to other meals we had )

Not to forget to visit the Bali Bombing Memorial Site in Kuta area. There were about 202 victims affected during the 2002 attack.

Spotted this at while strolling along Kuta/Legian area...Tune Hotel is going to open their door for business in Bali. Good news for budget travellers like me!!

And this---in front of Hard Rock Cafe

Last but not least, we've tried the Black Pepper Chicken@KFC - since this flavour is not available in Malaysia - quite ok!not oily!

That's end of my Bali posts....


worldwindows said...

I feel eerie walking past the memorial as though lightning is going to strike twice at the same spot. Finally some roast pork!

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh I am salivating for BALI now, although I am flying for a week into Bangkok!hmmmmm...oh fod fod looks so yummy delicious!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Ah.... Bali.... will refer to your blog for detail when I plan my Bali trips.

foodbin said...

it ended on a good note.

Selba said...

psssttt.. I even didn't know that Indonesian KFC got black pepper chicken, hehehe... I only know that there's the crunchy and original types ;)

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, true....but thank God nothing happened!!

BBO, enjoy ur Bangkok trip! more good food there!

food paradise, in fact i skip some info as well...hope whatever i have blogged helps

foodbin, yes, a good ending haha!

selba, really? maybe u can check it out..the black pepper taste good

Little Inbox said...

Finally got chance to try some nice meals. :)

SimpleGirl said...

little inbox, yes, save the best for last LOL!

jen said...

wow, love the scenery at tanah lot. btw, can i know which camera model are you using? tq!

SimpleGirl said...

jen, i am using Panasonic normal digital camera only...way to go for DSLR. YES, the scernery at Tanah Lot was real superb!

Duckie said...

haha .. finally some reasonable food!!!

ayumi83 said...

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