Monday, September 7, 2009

Bali Trip Post # 2

Sorry for missing in action for so many days, I was away for a short trip to Hong Kong to attend my sis's wedding.
Anyway, back to the Bali trip post....overall, the FOOD we've tried in Bali were not up to our expectation - - first night dinner we had at a very nice ambiance "top of the hill" restaurant in JENDELA BALI - the ambiance was lovely but the food served was cold...I would said our economy rice dishes are far better!!!
The outlook of the restaurant looks nice, really deceiving...ya!

Other attraction at Jendela were the cultural show and Plaza Wisnu ( yet to be completed)

The first dish was soup - I would call it salt water soup - super salty!!! Help!!! Super lousy!!

Then, came the other dishes ....all were cold...sigh

Frankly, these were just to fulfill our hunger, not tasty at all!!!
Better grab some snacks at the supermarket near our hotel to satisfy our choosy tongue!
Elle yogurt was cheaper than Malaysia - only about RM3.

BOUGHT a local chips as well....


Big Boys Oven said...

wow it must a fun trip, just love those photos!

Health Freak Mommy said...

You went to HK again? Whoa, you are globe-trotting and eating at every corner of the world!

SimpleGirl said...

BBO, ok lah, not really that fun, esp food not nice !!

health freak mommy, i just went for a short trip to attend my sis's wedding!

Duckie said...

its sad when food is bad. esp during trips. we always look forward to food.

jen said...

from the pictures, the food look really nice though, lol..

SimpleGirl said...

duckie, yea!! according to a fren of mine, it's better to eat fast food and western food haha...local food is bad!!!

jen, dont deceived by the photo haha

foodbin said...

the food sure look BAD.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, absolutely!!

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