Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bali Trip Post #3

The most interesting visit of our 2nd day Ubud Village and factories visit was to a coffee factory! I am not sure whether is genuine, giving them a benefit of doubt, I've got a chance to try the most expensive coffee in the world - Kopi Luwak. I've watched a documentary about coffee luwak, the reason why this coffee bean is expensive is because it is eaten and passed through the digestive tract of this animal - luwak or civet. The bean is not digested, but blended with the enzyme of the luwak, it breaks down the protein/ bitterness of coffee bean.

With merely 30,000rupiah or RM10, we've got a set to savour.

It consists of kopi luwak, ginseng coffee, ginger tea, hot cocoa & lemongrass tea

The kopi luwak was quite smooth. I've tried it without sugar, it was indeed not that bitter.
We've got a chance to check out the local hand-rolled cigarettes - even though we're non-smoker - we should be a Romans when we are in Rome.

Don't ask me how it taste like - I only experience choking...LOL!

Managed to capture the sleeping luwak in the coffee plantation- but not very clear -

A note of reminder - DO NOT buy anything from these shops/factories - they are super pricey! The tour guide also brought us to wood craving factory, silver factory,souvenirs factory, batik factory and art painting gallery. He even told us the price of the souvenirs was cheaper, but later, we discovered they are at least 50% more expensive than other places, as in Kuta and Tanah Lot!


Little Inbox said...

I heard from my friend that the coffee bean got male and female, which has different use.

worldwindows said...

I prefer own itinerary or own group for better control. Twice is enough for me in Bali but don't mind another sleeping and lazy holiday! The civet cat coffee farm is really interesting and wish I was there. I think it was set up for tourists as the this coffee is indigenous to Sumatera.

Big Boys Oven said...

walio, u drink "satu orang" lol! Indonesia is famous for their coffee too! ;0

SimpleGirl said...

little inbox, that I've not heard...anyway, thanks for letting me know!

worldwindows, yes, after our first visit with guide, i guess, next time, better go free and easy!

BBO, no lah, i share one set with my boy friend! yes, indonesia coffee is quite famous!

jen said...

i read about the bali coffee from my friend's blog. she said the coffee is nice.

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