Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bali Trip Post # 4

We were brought to Gunung Batur Volcano for lunch on our 2nd day trip in Bali. There were many restaurants in this area, overseeing the marvellous view of the volcano. We were told it was a buffet lunch. Once again, dining at the restaurant has got wonderful view, but food is another disappointment!

The entrance to the restaurant, looks good anyway

The spread was so so only, SO we have to expect quality food ....but sigh....none of the item impressed us!

The only item that got our attention was satay like stuff....we thought it was meat satay, but it was not! It's coconut mixed with meat if I am not mistaken. Instead of dipping in the peanut sauce like what we do over here in Malaysia, they gave us this soya sauce like dipping - taste a bit sweet and spicy( coz there's chilli padi)

Hmm, we still prefer our local meat satay- - make you feel like having more and more - --not like this one!

Before dinner, we walk around Sanur beach area for some side seeing. There's some nice hotel and of course some shopping in this area, but it is not as happening as Kuta and Legian.
Some random shots at Sanur

Local beer -Bali Hai - but Bintang in more popular brand here

Isotonic drink by Coca-cola sold in Bali

Cute painting of modified Mona Lisa

As for dinner, we were brought to Jimbaran for so called seafood BBQ Dinner. There's a whole stretch of restaurants along the beachside, I would said it's really a wonderful ambiance dining place - hearing the wave, windy and romantic beach. Hang on a minute - food - super lousy!!!!

Generally, the seafood served were not fresh, esp the crab and yucky!!Another big disappointment!!!

We were not full, while strolling along the beach, we grab one corn from a tukang jagung stall - - - taste good!!!It's charcoal BBQ corn - - lovely!!


Selba said...

OMG! I just went through your Bali posts! All the places of tourist spot, the restaurants, the food and even the Oasis hotel was the same as my Bali trip in 2006! We probably used the same travel agent! hehehe....

And yup... the food is really lousy!!! Seriously, for food in Bali, you need to do your own hunting... there are a lot of great places to eat in Bali.

But then as the hotel, during my time to stay, the hotel was quite nice, maybe because still new as it's 3 years ago ? LOL

Duckie said...

oh dear, how come my friends came back and sing praises of the food there??!!! maybe they went on their own food hunting trip

SimpleGirl said...

Selba, really? What a coincident! I believe Oasis might be good 3 years really run down! Maybe next time I should go for own food hunting ya!

Duckie, I also heard others say Bali food is good....maybe the tour agent we joined brought us to the lousy food!!! or is it because we are choosy??!!LOL!

~Christine~Leng said...

hihi. dropping by.
omg.. Bali posts! We're planning to go Bali next year! can't wait :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Can you tell us which agent you used? So that we will not use this agency in future. Hey, why are all the pix on food and sceneries? What about pix of the camera girl leh?

SimpleGirl said...

christine leng, thanks for dropping by....hope my posts are useful for U...

health freak mommy, no...i hope to remain annoymous....cant show la

worldwindows said...

The views esp the rustic countryside of Ubud and certain villas resting on the hillside with pools hanging from the precipice was a sight to behold. Food generally is a notch below my expectation but the views compensated for it. The babi guling was a good experience.

Little Inbox said...

Mona Lisa is so fat!!!! Hahaha...
Disappointingly the food is not even up to the average level. Did it spoil your mood?

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, yes, there were some nice scenery that really compensate other disappointment

little inbox, a bit la, coz we r foodie, so if food is not nice sure will be bit upset!!!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

hmm.... seems like only can go for the view and not for the foods ya!

jen said...

the food, how disappointing.
looking at the satay, i feel like having some right now. i want the satay at kong heng =D~

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise,yea, the scenery was excellent...not sure not the food la!

jen, true, Malaysian satay is much better...Kong Heng one is good...Kajang satay is better ya!

ai wei said...

i wanna go bali!!!
what a great trip u had!~

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