Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hong Kong Post #3 - Sis' Wedding Dinner

Yea, this time HK trip was to attend sis' wedding. First time having typical chinese wedding dinner in HK. We all love the food, was very good. All together 10 dishes and 1 dessert served. 10 symbolizes wholesome and of course dessert is a must in all wedding cause its sweetness wishes the newlyweds a sweet life.
Check out the menu, if you read Chinese.

Since we were sitting at the head table, all the dishes were served individually to us already, so, didn't get a chance to snap the nice photo of the "original" dish.
The stage

The different sauces served

The first dish was Suckling Pig Ping Pun 拼盤. As we know, chinese food has special symbolism - mostly symbolize happiness, prosperity, longevity etc. Do you know why roast suckling pig always served in Chinese Wedding? This is because roasted suckling pig is a symbol of the beginning of a family of newlyweds.

The second dish is abalone with Kai Lan. It symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

Then comes the scallops.In chinese scallops sounds like "bringing son" so obviously it symbolizes fertility.

Stuffed Crab Claws was nicely fried. I check on the internet, crab claws served in whole symbolizes completeness.

A must in all chinese wedding dinner - shark fin soup. Once again,it indicates wealth,that's Chinese huh! Wealth is always the most important element LOL!

Next is braised goose feet, mushroom and grapeskin with vege. No idea what's this dish symbolizes, but found out that vegetables emphasizes unity and harmony.

Steamed fish - serving fish is a must in Chinese dinner as it represents life of abundance as fish sounds like "plentiful" in Chinese.

Fried chicken symbolizes good life.

I was too busy to snap photos of the lovely couple and forgot to take the photo of the lotus leaf rice. I remembered it taste very good!!!

Noodles served just right before dessert symbolizes longevity because noodles come in long strands.

Lastly, the sweet red bean with glutinous ball dessert.

That's a nice dinner for the lovely couple. Once again, may you guys have a warm and love filled wedded life ahead!!!


foodbin said...

nice dinner food and you got the chicken drumstick.

Little Inbox said...

Wow, abalone, scallops and sharkfin soup, that's enough to make me drool...

SimpleGirl said...

foodin, believe it or not, in fact i like wings and breast more than drumstick LOL!~

Little Inbox, yea...all those expensive delicacy available for most chinese dinner!

Selba said...

Wow.. this is a very informative post about the meaning of food in a wedding! I think I will bookmark it :) Thanks for sharing it. Your sis definitely had a wonderful wedding dinner.

SimpleGirl said...

Selba, most welcome....yea, it was a memorable day for sis n BIL!

girlinthewhirl said...

nice dinner :) which chinese resterant did you go to?

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