Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuala Sepatang Seafood - Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai

During the Raya break, we went to Kuala Sepatang for seafood. CK has good review about this place, so we decided to give a try. Since it's our first time to Kuala Sepatang, it took us some time to locate the place. However, it's not difficult, as Kuala Sepatang is a small town. This restaurant is the most crowded one and I am surprise to see the "fragile" set up of the shop, somewhat like hanging on the air...
Since it's holiday season, the place was super crowded, and we were not allowed to re-order, as advised by the lady who took our ordered. I desperately wanted to try their mantis prawns, but, when the time I ordered, it was sold out....sigh...

Anyway, we ordered the signature assam steamed fish. It was so good. The assam gravy was not too sour, very nice to have it with rice. Not to mentioned, the fresh fish pieces, make me feel like having more and more!

Another dish was Kam Heong Crab also finger licking good. I love it because the aromatic gravy has really penetrated to the lovely crab.

The big prawns were fresh and a simple pan fried prawns can turned out to be so tasty, I really have to salute the chef!

One more vege - Belacan Kangkung was not in picture, believe me, it taste superb as well!
I reckon this place is an ideal place for great seafood, especially if you love heavy, strong, full of "wok hei" way of cooking. Not only that, I feel the MSG level was quite low. Just that, since it was a super crowded day, the service was not that good. Perhaps, should go again during not peak. Total price was around RM80, value for money!
150, Tepi Sungai,
34560, Kuala Sepatang, Taiping.
Tel: 012- 559 8798 / 012- 5007893/ 05-858 1169

Saw a fishing boat arrived to deliver seafood right here at Tepi Sungai.

We also drop by Taiping town to "da bao" the famous Char Koay Teow at the food court behind the wet market. It was wrapped in lotus leave, was really good. Remember this stall - NO:46.

That's end of the makan trip....I wish to go again for their mantis prawn.


foodbin said...

a nice place to have seafood-superb!

Selba said...

Surely it looks like a nice place to visit :) It kinda remember me of Vietnam a bit.

ck lam said...

Will sure to try out the Kam Heong Crab if I visit this place again...and also not forgetting the Char Koay Teow...haha

Anonymous said...

i'm so tempted to visit after repeated doses of poisons from u guys.
though hard-pressed to find time for a seafood meal in Kuala Sepetang, as normally we had our lunch in Taiping itself, in the midst of work.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, yea, nice place for good seafood!

Selba, it's a fishing village near the river...quite peaceful place ya!

CK, hope u'll enjoy the CKT in Taiping....haha

j2kfm, yes, it's a bit from Taiping town needs another 25-30mins. but worth to pay a visit!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

yummy.... should plan a trip down there soon. lol

Duckie said...

somehow i always thought seafood places near the sea/river or in small village always have better food than restaurants in town

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise, yea,please go soon, I am sure U'll like their food!

Duckie, absolutely, at least these places seafood is fresher ya!

edwin said...

we were there during raya holiday , be careful of what you order during holiday season , cause the bill comes to 300+ for six of us ! quite expensive if i would say . never the less food is nice !

an said...

looks very delicious, and fresh too..

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