Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chilli Pan Mee@Station18,Ipoh

I was told that the Pan Mee @ The Mia is marvellous. She said, " I think this is the best I've ever tried in Ipoh." I am not sure whether she exaggerate or what...but since she talked so much about it, I must find out the truth.
Finally got the chance to try and the truth revealed - and it really impressed me,I love it! I had been reading and watching much about Chili Pan Mee in Klang Valley, finally I can try the Ipoh version!

The Chili Pan Mee I ordered came with bouncy texture noodle, piping hot chillies(chopped), minced meat,anchovies and sliced black fungus and egg....lovely!

After mixing

I love every bite of the noodle, thumbs up! RM4.50/bowl

The dried chili Pan Mee comes with potato veg with meatball soup, the meat ball also is very nice here at The Mia...yummy yummy! I have a feeling they made their own meat ball!

Another order was Hokkien Soup Pan Mee, a good option for those who love soupy stuff!
RM 3.50/bowl


I saw quite a few ordered Hakka Liu Cha( Wed special), Fried Pan Mee, Nasi Lemak and half boiled egg toast. I reckon these should great stuff here as well. I am very sure to return to try other things in their menu!
Do check this place out if you love Pan Mee, I am sure you'll like it.

This is quite a hidden gem located at the shop lots(single storey) behind Tesco@ Station 18.
Overall rating: Food: 8/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Price: 8/10
The Mia Eating House
Address: 63, Medan Stesen 19,
Stesen 18, 31650, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 323 3110
Open: 8am- 4pm (Closed on Sunday)

The shop is facing an empty land

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend home cooked dinner

Remember I blogged about Hock Joo's seafood supply. Last weekend, we bought 1/2 kg prawns from Hock Joo, the real giant size prawns cost RM20 for 1/2kg. That's the end product...simply pan fried with little bit of butter, garlic and organic thick soya sauce, perfect with a home cooked fried rice!!!
We used the others prawns for prawn curry for Sat dinner, it was super good as well...opps...didn't take the photo!We'll share it next time!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Being in a laid back town like Ipoh, frankly speaking, there are a lot of draw backs. Recently, my favourite supermarket Cold Storage was officially certified. In fact, seeing the crowd especially during weekday I had a feeling sooner or later they will close down. Yup, Ipoh really do not have such target market to let Cold Storage to sustain. It was replaced by Giant now, and business seems to be better after Gaint domination. Sigh, I have to go to KL/ Penang to buy some of the things I used to acquire at Cold Storage!
Another thing is of course the variety of food and choices, really limited. Don't tell me I can always go for dim sum and beansprout chicken...LOL...

My recent visit to Fairway was a good experience. I ordered a fish head beehoon soup, which turn out to be quite good. The nicely fried fish pieces, with some pickled vegetables and tomatoes soup based was indeed a good combination.

A perfect dish for a hot day to spice up your appetite!

My colleague ordered club fried rice, and she gave a thumbs up for it as well!

We also ordered ichi kabin chicken to share...I love the nicely marinated and perfectly fried chicken, not oily at all and taste good!!

Satisfactory lunch we had!
Fairway serves western as well as local delicacies.
Overall rating: Taste: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service : 7/10

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hock Joo Seafood Suppliers

Our neighbour introduced this place to us few months back. I was so thankful to her because we can get some good bargain of fresh seafood here in Hock Joo. Even though they are supplier, walk in customer like us will be entertained also.
Generally the the price is cheaper than market rate by at least 20-30%, not only that, they are really fresh.
So far, we've bought tiger prawns, salmon, cod fish, kam foong etc... here and we really enjoy the them.
One thing needs to be highlighted is the fresh salmon, is merely RM40/kg. Super duper good. I've tried the frozen salmon which is RM28/kg, is ok, but not as good as the fresh one!
The cod fish also very good, and comparatively cheaper. My neighbour told me the Unagi is also nice.
Do check out this place if you love seafood and would like to cook them at home.

Please note that fresh salmon minimum purchase is half a fish. You can always share with someone and they will cut into pieces for you and wrap it nicely for easy storage.
I appreciate the service given even for small buyer like us. They will do the cleaning for you even if you are buying only one fish.
The unagi my neighbour bought, one big one for only RM13.60.

The place:
5, Hala Rapart Baru 20,
Kinta Jaya Industrial Park,
31350, Ipoh, perak.
Tel: 05- 311 5178/311 5184
Business Hours: 10.30am - 7pm.
Monday to Sunday.
Direction: If you are coming from Jalan Gopeng, after passing by Sam Poh Tong, keep to your right, turn in to HillCity Hotel and Hock Joo is located at the back of HillCity@ the light industrial area.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gopala Vegetarian and Wendy's

One of the weekends in KL, we felt like having some vegetarian meal. Heard that the vegetarian food in Gopala@ Brickfields is rather good, we went for a try. We ordered one chapati set and one vegetarian rice set.

We found that the side dishes were pretty ordinary and we had eaten the better Indian vegetarian meal at Temple of Fine Arts and Woodlands. Or perhaps since there was great word of mouth, our expectation was bit too high?! So, we'll just give a 5/10 for the food here at Gopala.

The restaurant:
Gopala Vegetarian Restaurant
No. 59, Jalan Thambipillai

With half full stomach, we headed for shopping. After 2 hours, we decided to have something else to fulfill the dissatisfaction of our lunch. We went to Wendy's as my colleague told me the beef burger is nice. Once a blue moon can indulging in some trans fat is okay ya!!( giving ourselves lame excuses for fattening stuff)
We ordered one beef burger and one chicken burger. No doubt the beef burger is far better than McD! In addition, the buns are better here as well! Chicken burger, on the other hand, was bit salty. I think I'll go back to Wendy's for their beef burger!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snacks from Hong Kong

During our last trip to Hong Kong, I managed to get a few interesting snacks from Hong Kong supermarket. I love the milk tea in Hong Kong, the tea taste is so aromatic and not as sweet as our local one. Thus, I bought the 3-in-1 Lipton Milktea, which turn out to be very good!I do not have to add anything extra, consider a good 3-in-1....I love it!

One of the chips I never miss everytime I go to Hong Kong is Calbee Hot and Spicy...we do have Calbee in Malaysia, but so far I've not seen the similar one.

This yogurt lemon candy also is very nice, if you are a yogurt lover especially, I am sure you'll love it!

Hmm....nothing is comparable to this lovely choc - Movepick Maple Walnut! It's so thin and the sweetness level is just nice, not too rich or too light! I do not have word to describe it! I will sure buy more next time! This bar cost me HK27.90!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sakura Pork@Laluan Ipoh Permai

I am quite a health freak, I do buy organic vegetables most of the time and try to avoid genetically modified products as much as I can. I use sea salt instead of table salt because it contains less sodium. I use organic soya sauce, molasses sugar (instead of white sugar), wheat flour instead of white flour whenever possible..and I take enzyme, apple cider vinegar everyday!

I am happy that Ipoh has this shop that sell pork raised without antibiotics and beta agonist! They called it Sakura Pork. As we know, most farmers over-dosed beta agonist when fed the pig in order to ensure the pigs mature faster. You know beta agonist can caused serious health problem like palpitation, headache and even death for heart patients.
Sakura Meat is of course more nutritious because it is low in fat and high in protein and most importantly you can have peace of mind when consuming because it is without chemical.
For environmentalist, these pigs are sterilized with lactobacillus when breed and do not pollute the environment like ordinary farm.

Frankly speaking, I feel that the meat tastes more tender, not so "porky" smell. Do check this place out if you are looking at a healthier alternative for you and family.

One of the cut I bought from YY Sakura Shop- I guess this is the loin

I bought the chump before, it's best for pork chop!

The shop:
YY Sakura
17, Laluan Ipoh Permai 9, Tamn Ipoh Indah,
31400, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 547 2293

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Overseas Restaurant Ipoh

This is a back dated post. We went for dinner at the new Overseas Restaurant along Jalan Datoh somewhere in August. The new building is ideal for special function, i.e. marriage dinner and birthday dinner whereby you need a spacious hall..this is it!
The food remains ok, just that the service was a bit disappointed, maybe because they are not used to handling the big crowd. We still prefer to go to the "old" restaurant for their top notch, they still retain the previous location for business.

We ordered cod fish

Assam Prawns

Steamed chicken - their steamed chicken is especially good, perfect timing makes the chicken texture just nice

Veg in broth

Tofu with silk gourd also taste good here...

One good thing about the food in Overseas is not much MSG used.
The new restaurant is located at Jalan Datoh, beside Coliseum.
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