Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hock Joo Seafood Suppliers

Our neighbour introduced this place to us few months back. I was so thankful to her because we can get some good bargain of fresh seafood here in Hock Joo. Even though they are supplier, walk in customer like us will be entertained also.
Generally the the price is cheaper than market rate by at least 20-30%, not only that, they are really fresh.
So far, we've bought tiger prawns, salmon, cod fish, kam foong etc... here and we really enjoy the them.
One thing needs to be highlighted is the fresh salmon, is merely RM40/kg. Super duper good. I've tried the frozen salmon which is RM28/kg, is ok, but not as good as the fresh one!
The cod fish also very good, and comparatively cheaper. My neighbour told me the Unagi is also nice.
Do check out this place if you love seafood and would like to cook them at home.

Please note that fresh salmon minimum purchase is half a fish. You can always share with someone and they will cut into pieces for you and wrap it nicely for easy storage.
I appreciate the service given even for small buyer like us. They will do the cleaning for you even if you are buying only one fish.
The unagi my neighbour bought, one big one for only RM13.60.

The place:
5, Hala Rapart Baru 20,
Kinta Jaya Industrial Park,
31350, Ipoh, perak.
Tel: 05- 311 5178/311 5184
Business Hours: 10.30am - 7pm.
Monday to Sunday.
Direction: If you are coming from Jalan Gopeng, after passing by Sam Poh Tong, keep to your right, turn in to HillCity Hotel and Hock Joo is located at the back of HillCity@ the light industrial area.


jen said...

they sell to walk-in customer too? even if we don't buy that much?

i was actually thinking where to get crabs the other night. wonder if the market at super kinta there is still operating, hmm.

Duckie said...

wow .. don't know if they have such places in penang

ck lam said...

Will like to visit this supplier place...get to see so many different types. Nice intro.

SimpleGirl said...

jen, yes, walk in customer is well come. they also have crabs, the market at Super Kinta still operating, my friend!!!

duckie, Penang I think should be having, near to port right?

ck, yes, I am sure you'll be happy if you visit this place to get some great deal of seafood!!

Little Inbox said...

Good customer service!

Health Freak Mommy said...

When it comes to good food, you sure know where to get them!

SimpleGirl said...

Little Inbox, sure I appreciate their service

Healthfreakmommy, ok la....not expert yet

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Simple girl, wow! Talk about fresh seafood.
I have always loved seafood, preferably from the sea.
Love your well taken pics.
You have a great week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

hey, thanks for the info.. i didnt know that though i m staying in ipoh..i tot cheapest is in farlim market...

SimpleGirl said...

Unlce Lee, yes, fresh seafood is always my fav too!!!

Reanaclaire, farlim market? frankly, I haven't not been....but Hock Joo has got my fav salmon and cod fish....

Selba said...

What a nice place to get seafood :)

worldwindows said...

Fresh salmon sans the bones! This is really good at RM40/kg.

SimpleGirl said...

Selba,yup, it's indeed my fav spot to get fresh seafood now!!!

worldwindows, it's really a great bargain for fresh salmon! said...

Hey Simplegirl,

Thanks for introducing Hock Joo here. Although I don't do much cooking, I wondered where I could grab the freshest salmon in Ipoh. Never did realise this place is just 5 mins drive from my house.

SimpleGirl said...

stanley, most welcome! hope U'll like it!

jenefer lopez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Can this salmon be eaten raw as sahsimi?

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