Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sakura Pork@Laluan Ipoh Permai

I am quite a health freak, I do buy organic vegetables most of the time and try to avoid genetically modified products as much as I can. I use sea salt instead of table salt because it contains less sodium. I use organic soya sauce, molasses sugar (instead of white sugar), wheat flour instead of white flour whenever possible..and I take enzyme, apple cider vinegar everyday!

I am happy that Ipoh has this shop that sell pork raised without antibiotics and beta agonist! They called it Sakura Pork. As we know, most farmers over-dosed beta agonist when fed the pig in order to ensure the pigs mature faster. You know beta agonist can caused serious health problem like palpitation, headache and even death for heart patients.
Sakura Meat is of course more nutritious because it is low in fat and high in protein and most importantly you can have peace of mind when consuming because it is without chemical.
For environmentalist, these pigs are sterilized with lactobacillus when breed and do not pollute the environment like ordinary farm.

Frankly speaking, I feel that the meat tastes more tender, not so "porky" smell. Do check this place out if you are looking at a healthier alternative for you and family.

One of the cut I bought from YY Sakura Shop- I guess this is the loin

I bought the chump before, it's best for pork chop!

The shop:
YY Sakura
17, Laluan Ipoh Permai 9, Tamn Ipoh Indah,
31400, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05- 547 2293


Duckie said...

wow never knew you're such a health freak. so my opposite!! i attempt to .. once in a very blue moon

SimpleGirl said...

duckie, i am not the extreme try my level best to avoid whenever is possible! with so many temptation there, not easy also LOL

worldwindows said...

And make sure no colouring (usu. bright red meat). Beat-agonist is banned in Malaysia and hope enforcement is good. As for antibiotics, pigs do get sick right and need treatment:-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Is that near Ipoh Gdn East? Must tell my mum bout it. I wonder if they have an outlet in KL. If they hv, I'll surely get my pork supply there coz we love pork.

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows, since they claimed it's healthy version, i think shouldn't have colouring ya!

healthfreakmommy, yes, near to BBT, siew kwai lam, a row of new shop lot, YY Sakura is green colour shop, very easy to spot it!

foodbin said...

they add Lactobacillus in the feed (not when breed) so that the pig manure will not smell hence no pollution. it should be more pricey than those that we buy from the market.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, thanks for correcting me! yes, comparatively more expensive. but, at least, have peace of mind when eating!

Big Boys Oven said...

I notice this shop long time ago but did not try any of the meat products, how much expensive compare to the normal meat?

SimpleGirl said...

BBO, i think at least 20% more expensive!

J2Kfm said...

they only sell fresh produce? none cooked?
it'll be cool if we can buy some sakura pork char siew. :)

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, the other day i bought the BBQ pork slices there...other than that, all raw meat

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