Sunday, November 29, 2009

Choy Kee@ Ipoh Garden Jln Lau Pak Khuan

Choy Kee & Yeh Loi Ong ( both situated side by side) are quite economical and fast serving when it comes to a good dinner.
We dined at Choy Kee because of their economical order dishes.......check out what we ordered.

Salted egg crab

Fried "Ma Yau" - this is a simple but delicious dish I love!

Kao Yuk

Belacan Kangkung

Steamed chicken

This is surely a place for nice and quick dinner!
Location: Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, next to AmBank. Opposite Post Office


Selba said...

The steamed chicken must be delicious with all those spices :)

J2Kfm said...

this one and Yeh Lai Ong, I felt that this is better too.
they're both crowded most of the nights.

foodbin said...

the food looks good.

jen said...

is that "keung yung kai"?
btw, how much is the bill?

Health Freak Mommy said...

The salted crabs look SO good! I must try this restaurant when I go bk to Ipoh in 2 wks' time. What was the total bill?

SimpleGirl said...

selba, steamed chicken was our first fact it was so so only lol!!

j2kfm, yes, personally I also prefer Choy Kee.

foodbin, yes, the food was good.

jen, the steamed chicken was with salted fish...if I remember correctly was less than RM100 for 7pax. sometimes, 2 of us go, the bill will come to around RM40 only.

healthy freak mommy, this is not the super good one for crab. It's good for ordinary family dining ya! As I said, the total bill was less than RM100 for 7 pax.

worldwindows said...

Like all the food you ordered and the kow yoke tops!

melvyn said...

hau sui also dropping now...

SimpleGirl said...

worldwindows...oh, we have the same taste ya!!!

melvyn, thanks for dropping by. can I lend U a

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