Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home cooked chicken curry without coconut milk

The other I tried a simple and healthier version of chicken curry without adding coconut milk. I used two pieces of meat from free ranged chicken and potatoes to cook my curry.

1) Blend 6-7 small red onions, some ginger, some lemongrass, 2-3 small chillies, 3-4
cloves of garlic & few pieces of curry leave into paste form.
2) Fried the blended paste until fragrant, I then add some chili powder, turmeric
powder and bit of meat masala powder.
3) Add the potatoes and tomatoes and some water to allow the potatoes to get cooked.
4) After the potatoes are done, and tomatoes had melted in the gravy, I add the
chicken. ( add water when needed )
Not to forget to add some sea salt for better taste.
p/s: Since I love the nice fragant of coriander leave, I add some for garnish as well!

That's it, a fuss free, healthier version of home cooked chicken curry without coconut milk. It's quite tasty even without coconut milk, indeed!


Duckie said...

wow looks yummy!!! we should start cooking too .. instead of just going places to makan

Little Inbox said...

Wow, healthy cooking ler...Looks good.

SimpleGirl said...

Duckie, true enough, cook at home can b fun too!!!

Little Inbox, there's still room for improvement! Yes, let's promote healthy home cooked food!

hApPy HaPpY said...

My mum cooks very good curry ayam, without coconut milk but carnation milk. My kids love it.

email2me said...

Simply love it ... more healthy and people like me can eat more XD lesser cholestrol

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Looks good!!!

jen said...

you're so hardworking, blend everything yourself. normally i just buy the ready mix paste, add in water and the ingredients nia =P

SimpleGirl said...

happy happy, i also read some where that using evaporated milk is another alternative for nice curry!! for sure, mine can't compare to ur mum one!! lol

email2me, yes, even I don't feel so guilty when eating!

somewhere in Singapore, thanks!

Jen, coz I am not cooking everyday...not really hardworking la!!!

foodbin said...

you should deep fried the potatoes and add it last.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, thanks for the advise. I thought I don't want so much oil, that's why didn't deep fried. I know it will be tastier ya!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks really delish! Some people use plain yoghurt to substitute santan. Next time try that.

SimpleGirl said...

health freak mommy, I have tried using yogurt for curry as well!!! thanks for sharing!!

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