Friday, November 27, 2009

Riche Montana Korean BBQ Buffet@ Ipoh Garden South

I don't know how many Ipohites are reading this blog, but my bad experience at Riche Montana must be shared.

I heard some feedback about this place, but without trying, I won't be having solid opinion. Price @ RM29.90+ for adult and RM19.90+ for children, the spread of food was just too limited!!!!! They called themselves as buffet, my goodness!!!
Not only spread was limited, quality of food was super mediocre, only one of two marinated beef and chicken were nice....and the Korean pickles were up to mark. Other than that, overall the buffet was SUPER LOUSY.

oNLY THESE beef were nice.....

the prawns & crabs were not fresh, fish pieces were ok, but too garlicky( as the marination is garlic based)!!!

Some cold and so called "tempura" for you to reheat

The pickles were nice

The 3 types of so called dessert / cake served ......super normal, can get at pasar malam type

3 types of sushi served....ok lah, edible

I told myself I will not eat any buffet here in Ipoh, there were a few steamboat cum BBQ buffet I had was unsatisfactory....I don't mind limited choice, but give us at least quality food!!!
To name a few, Heritage Hotel Hi Tea buffet - serving worst than some lousy street food, price@ RM19.90/pax, limited selection
Casurina Hotel, Buffet Lunch, below average quality!


Health Freak Mommy said...

The best buffet in Ipoh by far is Movenpeak at Greentown. It's buffet steamboat - very wide selection. I will go there again.

Des said...

Awww... very honest review there...

it's always nice to be back visiting your blog.


SimpleGirl said...

health freak mommy, agree with you, comparatively Movenpeak's buffet is better.

Des, thanks. Yours too! welcome back in blogging!

thenomadGourmand said...

Yes, the food looked so horribly disappointing!

SimpleGirl said...

thenomadgourmand, exactly!!!

J2Kfm said...

good. I was expecting some mediocre reviews, as I never found their spread of 'Korean delights' to be anything much.
then I'll give this a miss.

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, is below average! I don't think they can survive if they don't improve. How many will re-visit??

Anonymous said...

yes, movenpeak is d best in ipoh adi...

i wanna share my experience here...

last wwek, i went to SKY CORNER(ipoh garden east) for is also a buffet steamboat restaurant but more to steamboat.i'd chose one soup n d soup is darn salt..

so i would like to advise u all nt to try it--japenese miso soup..

However, its teppanyaki is quite ok..^^

Anonymous said... again ..wanna add somemore

Iro-Iro is another good choice for buffet..u should try it..

bt i've a long time din go there dunno izit still there

SimpleGirl said...

anonymous, thanks for the sharing. Sky I haven't been, but friend told me ok.
IRO IRO used to go many years ago...but also long time didn't go there...but it was ok, agree with U.

Anonymous said...

actually this restaurant food nice or not??

Yeoh Guan Teik said...

I was browsing the keyword of Ipoh Garden South when I came across your blog. Thank you for spreading the word. Though I am from Ipoh but I didn't try this restaurant mentioned by you. I think it's located near the main road and at the corner lot.

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