Sunday, December 13, 2009

Balik Pulau Food@Penang

My friend brought us to Balik Pulau for it's famous pasembur and laksa soon after we arrived at Penang. I really miss pasembur in Penang, as here in Ipoh, it's not common, poor me, I don't even know where to get it.
The pasembur sauce was really good, plus the crispy fritters and fresh cucumber & chinese turnip, I would say it was so satisfactory!!!

Of course the laksa also equally satisfactory! I love this version more than Air Itam one. Anyway, food tasting is very personal, so there is not right or wrong ya!


eugene said...

So you came to Penang too,hahah.

what a co-incident,Merrlyn was here to over the weekend,ha we should have all met up and tossed to a blogger friendship.

shame on me,i only tried Pasembur from Balik Pulau once, dont know if it good cos i am not particular about food.

hey you have a great week ahead ya

J2Kfm said...

in Ipoh you can try the corner shop on Jln Yang Kalsom, at the traffic lights.
they sell a mean Mee Goreng (the best in Ipoh) and a passable (some say DAMN good, but I've had better) Pasembur.

jen said...

finally you updated, rupa-rupanya you went to penang. it's my fave place - i love the beach, the food and the hokkien guys.

~Christine~Leng said...

oh.i remembered having assam laksa at balik pulau about 2 years ago. Forgot how it tasted like, but definitely way better than those in KL. haha

SimpleGirl said...

eugene, i went for a rush trip...only 2days..not enough time for good food in Penang haha! U too have a great week!

j2kfm, i tried the so called best bee goreng at jln yang kalsom, never know their pasembur is famous too...i should check out soon!

jen, yea, back in action was away for few days...Hokkien guy good dad also one of them, lol!

christine leng, yes, agree with U...Penang laksa also better than Ipoh one!

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