Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chelsea Market & Cafe@ The Podium, Ortigas, Manila

Our Manila trip was beyond our expectation, indeed. We heard so much about the infamous drivers, the pick pockets, and other "nasty" comments about the city, however, our encounters were all good and we enjoyed the trip in this metropolis. We only took meter taxi, hotel stay and service was tip top, food was good, touring & sightseeing and shopping were all satisfactory!

Our first dinner was settled at Chelsea, a very nice restaurant serving western food opposite our hotel.

We ordered the chef recommended roasted chicken with spices like rosemary, I will rate 8/10 for this dish!

Another nice dish was the seafood spaghetti, I love it 9/10

Last but not least a pizza

We shared these among 4 pax, with one housewine, 2 soft drinks and 1 lemonade, the total damage was PHP 2238/=, approximately RM160.
More or less like KL standard as far as pricing is concerned as this is consider a more posh dining here. Anyway, food was satisfactory!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home made Sze Chuan Chilli Chicken

We'll be flying off to Manila tonight to attend my love graduation's ceremony. I am so proud of him, as he has achieved his PhD after hard work all these years.
The other day, he cooked some nice Sze Chuan Chilli Chicken at home, as we love the Dragon Eye's version so much!!!
Managed to buy some Sze Chuan pepper and he decided to experiment this dish at home. Very yummy for a non-professional cook, in fact. He first marinated the chicken pieces with salt, pepper, bit of tumeric and chilli powder.
Then, fried the chicken, later, stir fried the chicken pieces with garlic, dry chillies and Sze Chuan pepper, here it goes.....lovely!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Signboard Seafood@ Geylang Singapore

Have been hearing so much about the Singapore famous Chili crab, but I have not tried before even though I have been there so many times. So , this time round, I ensure I check out the most famous chili crab restaurant at Geylang area. Walking around the infamous red light districts made me don't feel like I am in Singpore. Geylang area is flooded with foreign workers, dirty drains, and of course, in the night time - the prostitutes (literally from different age group and race, most of them with super exposure way of dressing, ahem..)- - wow, it was an eye-opener anyway!!!

OK, come back to food - we ordered the famous chili crab - frankly speaking, the crab was super fresh, but then, I don't quite like the sauce, too thick and a bit "eggy" - nothing much to shout about!!!

However, we enjoyed the "man tou" more....

The other two dishes we ordered at No Signboard includes slice fish with ginger and spring onion & stir fried brinjal - they were nice.

Total damage including drinks for 2 pax was SGD 70+, expensive for Malaysian standard anyway....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sushi Tei@ The Garden

If I remember correctly, it was Yo! Sushi before, and now it has replaced by another Japanese restaurant in the same located in The Garden Mall- Sushi Tei. Competitive out there is too stiff ya, personally I've not tried before, no idea how was the food there. Anyway,service and food are good here at Sushi Tei as compared to other "fast service" Japanese restaurants.

I ordered beef kaminabe set@ RM18.80, I like it!!! Soup is miso soup, thinly sliced beef is tender, satisfactory!

He ordered Karrage curry with rice@RM18.80, nice! Much nicer than Sushi Zanmai version!

We also ordered a soft-shell crab sushi @ RM6.80 to share....good stuff!

I will surely visit this place again, hope they will maintain the standard!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Skypark@Singapore

I was in Singapore for the weekend. Singapore is never in my "wish list" for traveling, because after conversion back to RM, everything seems to be so expensive. Anyways, we paid a visit to the new icon of Singapore - the Marina Bay Sands to check out the beautiful architeture of the building.
It costs us SGD20 per pax in order to visit the skypark at Marina Bay Sands located at 56th floor of Tower 3. However, we cannot access the whole skypark, because the other side is just for the hotel stayers, it was a bit hazy that day ( due to the the Indonesia fire), but not bad though.

Photo taken from the skypark - overseeing the Fullerton Hotel and Merlion just right opposite.
Some snaps taken from the skypark

That's the other part of the skypark

There was a mini live band performance at the skypark, and she sings really well!!

The miniature of Marina Bay Sands displayed at the hotel lobby

This is inside the shopping mall of Marina Bay Sands( mostly branded shops located opposite the hotel building)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saravanaa Bhavan@Masjid India, KL

Still remember the first time our friend brought us here, I had the nicest dosai I have ever eaten, it was so nice, crispy, coupled with not the mediocre chutney, simply lovely!!
He gave us a lengthy introduction on this vegetarian restaurant, originated from Chennai, now Saravanaa Bhavan has got more than 30 outlets throughout the world in places like US, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Canada. The selling point is food quality and taste as well as the cleanliness of preparation.

This time around, I ordered a paper dosai, and bf ordered vegetarian rice set.

My dosai came with 2 types of chutney, dahl and some curry, lovely!! No comparison with those mediocre dosai at normal mamak restaurant!

His vegetarian set

N also my favourite cauliflower fried

The price is on the higher side as compared to other Indian restaurant, but we concluded that food is really good, in fact, much better than Gopala at Brickfields. If you are a vegetarian, or feel like having Indian vegetarian food, this could be a good choice. They have outlets in Bangsar and PJ as well.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Set Lunch@Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid

The set lunch at Canton-i is quite reasonable and satisfactory. Price at RM58+ the set consists of choice of one dim sum, 2 dishes, choice of rice, porridge or noodles for 2 pax and choice of drinks.
We chose steamed prawn(Ha Gao), fresh prawns with just nice thickness of skin , yummy yummy!

The 2 dishes we had was stir fried french beans and Hong Kong styled fried chicken( was ok, but we preferred the dishes at Dragon-i, their sister company)

But we love the vegetable fruit juice and iced lemon tea, definitely not the diluted and articial one.

Comparatively, among the restaurants choices in shopping mall, this could be quite a reasonably price place with reasonably good food, service and ambiance.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hee Kee Fried Crab Expert喜記避風塘炒辣蟹@Hong Kong

It was an unforgettable experience dinned at Hee Kee. Not because of the food actually, but the bill! We really paid through our nose, other dishes were ok, I mean quite reasonable, just that the 椒鹽瀨尿蝦 popping mantis prawn with salt was indeed a shock for us!

Guess what, 2 pieces cost us HK360/=
Check this out!!! Nothing special in terms of size, more or less like the one we got in Malaysia actually. However, was thinking of trying the Hong Kong style of cooking. But it was indeed an expensive trial!!! I am cracking my head about the so called market rate, can it be so expensive???

Other dishes were ok, quite reasonable for Hong Kong standard
The Bak Fan Yu 白飯魚@ HK89 for a small portion, but taste good!

Popping Chicken Wings with salt@HK78

And veg@HK68

It would have been a good experience if the mantis prawns was not so pricey, after all, we knew that this place is a bit pricey, being a popular dining place patron by celebrity and all, check out their website for details
Anyway, the price for the mantis prawns was really ridiculous! No next time!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lok Yuen@Mong Kok,Kowloon, HK

We were at Hong Kong during the Raya break. The weather was not that pleasant, super duper humid, and raining most of the days. However, this does not stop us from having nice food and "jalan jalan" around Hong Kong.

We went to Lok Yuen@Mong Kong for the famous beef ball!!
Man, it was super good!!
The beef ball is very bouncy and generally, I feel that the beef taste better( very rational opinion)

We also ordered fried fish skin, but this one is not as good as the one I tried before during a steamboat dinner at HK last year.

The rice person got to order his rice to curb the hunger. We ordered satay chicken rice, but the satay sauce is not the same as the one we got in Malaysia, not spicy at all, little sweet, but with stronger peanut taste!

Lok Yuen is a good choice if you love beef balls. Comparatively, a better choice of Cha Chan Teng ( Cafe ) in Hong Kong. Food is quite good and price is reasonable for Hong Kong standard.
They have 4 outlets in Hong Kong, details visit Lok Yuen website at
The one I went was at Bute Street, Mong Kok near to Fa Yuen Street.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ice blended Celery Soya Bean Drink

I was told that this soya bean drink at this stall taste very good by my 'makan kaki'. We were there one fine day to try the soya bean drink. I am always adventurous to try "new" things, so decided to order this ice blended celery soya bean drink for a change. Hmm, I would say OK, nothing too exceptional, but I love their creativity. They also have other options like mocha soya bean, chocolate soya bean, honeydew soya bean drink etc.

This is the stall located at Ipoh Stadium Food Court ( Near to Simee Noodle Stall)

My ice blended celery soya bean drink

Wow, 'makan kaki' tofu fah, very smooth, and strong bean taste ( not like the Funny Mountain one, already deteriorated so much. Now I feel their soya bean and tofu fah taste sweet only, no "bean" taste.) But this one is Very good!!!

As for the food, 'makan kaki' ordered the Fei Kei Fish Head Noodle ( this is a branch of original Fei Kei at Jalan Seenivesagam), and I ordered the Simee Noodle. I feel Simee yong tau foo stall is rather over-rated, or is the original one at Simee taste better?

Anyway, do drop by to try their soya bean drink at this humble stall at Ipoh Stadium food court!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peking Pan Mee@ Medan Ipoh Bistari

Few months back I passed by this pan mee shop during lunch time, it was super crowded, wanted to try for a long time, to try and verify the quality of the food here. Overall, the food was satisfactory!

I ordered chili pan mee, just to compare with the PAN MEE shop at station 18. The chili pan mee here at Peking Pan Mee is more spicy and pan mee texture is more bouncy, I quite like it! I would say this is better than the one at Station 18!

Sis ordered the fish head pan mee

And mum ordered a clear soup pan mee

This is definitely a place for nice pan mee, texture was bouncy!! Lovely meal we had. Hmm, just that the service or attitude of the waitress/ boss ( I am not sure) are quite lousy...haha. Anyway, for the good food, I will re-visit again, as it is still within my bearable zone.
This shop is same row with Akamomiji's Japanese Food at Medan Ipoh Bistari.
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