Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Shopping @ downunder

I admit I a shopping maniac. I do buy a lot of stuff especially when I go for travelling because those things might not be available in Malaysia, ( is it a fact or or is it an excuse??)
The last trip to Perth, I bought quite a lot of things....haha..these are some of them.
The 100% pure lavender oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, organic sunblock.

I would like to highlight the lovely eucalyptus oil I've got. You know it's such an amazing oil which is really multipurpose. You may google the benefit of eucalyptus oil and you'll be amazed how can you don't have one at home. It is a great antiseptic, muscle pain reliever, air purifier, heal wounds, a great treatment for respiratory problem etc etc.

Some food stuff from Woolworth, the biscuits and organic chocolates are really worth, is merely AUD1.99 per packet.

Not to forget my favourite potato chips. So far, this is the best, Red Rock Deli potato chips. They have this lovely mini packet come in one box. I esp love the the sweet chili and sour cream. A must try!

Besides that, I would like to share some great stuff I bought which are not in the photo.
If you happen to be at Fremantle market, do drop by the honey store to grab some fresh honey. They are superb and comparatively cheaper than the commercial one. There are many different flavour available. I especially love the peppermint, eucalyptus and leatherwood honey!
If you are a a tea lover, there's a tea specialist shop at Garden City Mall, T2 Tea. I bought the detox tea leaf, a combination of fennel, red clover, lemongrass and nettle. 100% pure ingredients are used and it was so smoothing!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pappa Rich@The Gardens Mall

I am going back to study after so many years. Last weekend after class, we went to Mid Valley for some shopping and of course, makan.
I have been wanted to try Pappa Rich for quite some time, especially the newly open one in Ipoh, but didn't get a chance. So, we decided to try at Gardens.
The place was quite crowded, but while we were waiting for seat, we saw some left over food on the table, which indirectly tells us that the food is not so good ya. Anyway, I heard a lot of positive comment about this place, so I would like to check it out myself.

We ordered one cup of hot white coffee and one ice honey lemon, generally, the drinks are quite good, especially compared to Old Town Kopitiam.

I ordered koay teow dry curry@ RM10.90. It was such a disappointment! The dry sauce is not enough for the noodles, I admit I cannot take heavy and rich food, but this was too bland, and curry doesn't taste good at all! I think this dish really failed!

The nasi lemak looks good and taste ok. RM9.90 is quite reasonable. However, we had a bad time after was full of MSG and whole night we were so thirsty. Will never go for it anymore! In fact, Old Town Kopitiam's nasi lemak is much better haha!

No next time!

Last but not least, the butter kaya bread, taste ok esp the kaya....nothing much to shout at!

Our Pappa Rich experience was it's just another fancy restaurant. We dislike the MSG part, but don't mind going for a drink next time, but definitely not for food!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perth - London Court Breakfast & Dreamy Donuts

We went to Perth CBD for breakfast. There is this nice little English style restaurant located here in London Court - the London Court Cafe. Yes, there we had a simple yet delicious breakfast. That's my latte and breakfast set to share , quite a big portion ya!

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Garden City Mall for shopping. Just 20mins away from CBD, this is a nice place for shopping with Coles & Woolworths supermarket, David Jones, K-Mart & Myer departmental store and other many other individual shops within the same mall you can get to kill some time here.
I spotted something "new" which is not available in Malaysia - the Dreamy Donuts, an Australian brand.
I tried a piece of cinnamon flavour donut - and I quite like it. Soft dough and tasty cinnamon. Cool!

What a great day! Moreover, later in the evening, I won AUD 100 at Burswood least they sponsored my shopping expenditure for the day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Perth Day 3- Char Char Bull- The serious Steak@Fremantle

Dad told us that Char Char Bull is famous for steak. True enough, it was a fabulous experience dining at Char Char Bull. They have won numerous award including the best steakhouse in 2009. We ordered their famous char grilled steak and wood fired oven pizza. Oh, my, they were such great food!
We started with a starter - garlic bread and salad.

Then came the highlight of the meal - the famous char grilled steak

The tender texture steak really melted in your mouth. Seriously, the best I have ever had!

Lastly, the wood fired oven pizza made fresh once you place the order. The dough was so soft and topping were generous and seriously tasty. Makes me feel like having one after another!

Check out Char Char Bull for the best steak in Freo, you'll definitely enjoy dining here. Service was excellent and food was fabulous!
44, Mews Road, Fishing Boat Harbour,
Fremantle WA, 6160.
Phone: 9430 5005
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