Tuesday, April 20, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time. Yes, busy in my part time study. It's really really not easy to juggle between work and study. Anyway, it time to take a break....
After my weekend class, we went to KLCC for PC fair..dropped by California Pizza for dinner. The place was crowded and you can see the open kitchen conocept of freshly oven baked pizza in making dining at the restaurant.
Someone told me the pizza here is qutie good.....hmm...I feel it was quite normal. Frankly speaking, my experience at Papa John's was better. We ordered one BBQ Chicken - nothing much to shout about - RM31/=

Worst still, we ordered some fushion spaghetti coz I saw quite a number of table ordered that - KungPo Spaghetti. Edible but definetely not worth payign RM29 for it

I don't think I will re-visit this place again....
Really much below expectatation!
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