Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fuzi Temple@Nanjing,China

Jen, thanks for dropping me a message, you really motivated me to update my you go, sharing my recent trip to China.

Took a short break to Nanjing & Shanghai. It was really an eye opener for me to see how developed is China now. In fact, Nanjing is the second-tier cities in China, but the city is really developed as compared to to our so called cities in Malaysia.
Soon after we landed at Pudong airport, Shanghai, we took a train to Nanjing as bf has some business there.
The journey of about 300km took between 2 to 2 hours 40 mins depends on how many stations it stops. Train is rather new, travelling around 140km/hour. The frequency is very high, it's almost like every 10 to 20 mins there will be a train. As we also noticed that soon after we got down the train, the personnel will change the seats direction to another side.
No wonder Chinese are so proud of their train systems ya!...really efficient and comfortable travelling.

If you are in Nanjing, Fuzi Temple is place that you should visit. There were shopping, site seeing and nice place for photographing.
I took a nice cup of cappuccino at Haagen Dazs before I started my journey in Fuzi Temple.
The illy coffee comes with some nice biscuits@ RMB 28. Not that cheap ya....

Some shots taken around Fuzi Temple

Shopping in shops around Fuzi Temple was rather okay, in a sense of pricing and ambiance. You do not need to bargain like mad as compared to those small stalls. In fact, there were some small stalls around this area as well selling souvenirs, pirated CD, bags, T-shirts etc.... I bought a nice Zhi Sha mug at one of the tea shop!

There is a river within the Fuzi Temple area - Qin Huai River, you may take a cruise along the river if weather is good.

Like I mentioned before, I love shopping around the supermarket whenever I go travel, as you can see lots of different stuff which is not available in your own country....a local friend recommended us to visit a supermarket near a uni in Nanjing city. On thing worth sharing is the lovely, smooth yogurt I tried in China. I noticed there were lots of different brands of yogurt available and they taste much better than our Nestle and Dutch Lady brand.


jen said...

i should have drop you that message earlier, hehe. nice view from the qin huai river, look so peaceful there :)

SimpleGirl said...

Jen, true, you should have done that earlier ya! Hmm, I really love the nice scenery ay Qin Huai River

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