Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My visit to Shanghai Expo 2010 Part 1

Me and bf were really thrilled that we finally arrived at the expo. As we've seen so many reports and TV shows about the expo, it was such a great project, and not to mentioned, first time hosts by developing country, it's really an event we would definetely do not want to miss.
Thank God, we've got this chance to pay a visit, even though it was a business trip, but we managed to squeeze some time dropping at the expo during our trip to Shanghai last month.

There's so many different entrances to enter to the pavilion. The China government even built a special MRT route to for the expo. In fact, once you've bought the ticket, you can take the free MRT ride to get back to the city and vise versa.
We enter the pavilion from Pu Xi entrance, then took a ferry ride to the main site. As for return, we took MRT to Madang road exit.

Our ferry was approaching

We love this nice bridge at Pu Xi site

We managed to see only one pavilion, really the crowd was that much...and thank goodness, it was the most demanding pavilion that we visited- the China Pavilion! In fact, there's limitation of per day entries "pre-booked" ticket. Due to some local connections, we managed to get the privilege, still we need to queue for one hour to enter the Pavilion!
There's so many different types of tickets. We purchased one day entry ticket, which cost RMB160.
But beware, the food within the expo was super expensive, mainly fast food chains and very much crowded!! Be prepare to walk a lot, a lot, the set up was really massive and in one day, you can't see all, really!!!

We were at the queue, patiently waiting to enter the China Pavilion. That was a super hot day when we were there...what to do, no pain no gain...

And, most Chinese do not know what's the meaning of queuing, they love to cut queues, beware!!!

Here it is, the beautiful China Pavilion we have visited!!! Frankly speaking, as a Chinese, I really feel proud of what Chinese has done so far especially for their effort of hosting the expo.

Inside the pavilion, there's escalotor within this mega pavilion!

In China pavilion, there's 3 floors. We were first shown a short movie on China's development, then we proceed to see the olden days time line, and there's a mini train ride within the pavilion, and last but not least the technology part, like China car making technology,,,check out this cute car!

And this environmental friendly cars running within expo site, cute right?

Before I end this post, our Malaysia per yesterday, the visitor to Malaysian Pavilion was about 600,000, as compared to our neighbour, Thailand hits 800,000, Australia 1,000,000...haha...we are very much lagging behind man!


Anggie's Journal said...

Hi .. 1st time here,

May i know when is this Expo end ?? or is a on going expo .... ??

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! You managed to go nice!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Anggie's Journal, the expo will end by this year, end of Oct. but if you go in Oct, the entrance ticket is a bit more expensive.

uLi, yeah, it was really an eye opening experience

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

It's packed with people. It's a long waiting queue. My sil waited for few hours to enter some pavilion. lol Great that you have fun there. ^-^

vialentino said...

wahsei...u went there..crowded? will follow ur this post closely...really wanna see the world expo

lechua said...

did u go inside malaysian pavillion? what did they have in there?

oLive said...

Hi, first time here..
Actually, what is expo meaning?!
where is it actually?
I have seen alot ppl been here recently

jen said...

i wanted to go to the expo but too i'm broke at the moment :( do share more photos of the expo :)))

SimpleGirl said...

food paradise,yes, if you want to visit all, need more than one week la...

lechua, sadly i didnt go to Malaysia pavilion...but according to the news I read, nothing much at Malaysian Pavilion as compared to others

oLive, world expo is to promote your country to the world. This time around it is special because the host country is China, and it was a big scale affair

jen, skip some shopping, i am sure U can go, it's until Oct YA!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Pavillion is a let down.

Anonymous said...

See for yourself.

iamthewitch said...

OK I know I definitely will not go there judging from the crowd and the heat! LOL! But it's pretty amazing what they've done indeed. I was there in Jan this year and witnessed the construction going on. Look at the impressive final product now..

keeyit said...

wow shang hai expo..
waiting for part2

Big Boys Oven said...

this is awesome! so cool to see you having it! :)

SimpleGirl said...

iamthewitch, yea, it was really super crowded, but just because it's worth seeing, so I paid the price la

keeyit, thanks for supporting!!!

BBO, yea, it was a nice experience!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

You are SO lucky to be able to visit the world renowned Shanghai Expo! I am still hoping to see your pix in your blog some day :)

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