Thursday, June 24, 2010

My visit to Shanghai Expo 2010 Part 2

We only managed to cover approximately 60% of the expo, at least seeing the marvellously constructed pavilions within the expo. Luckily there is this paid transport to "bring" us from European Pavilions site to the other side of the expo, we don't mind paying RMB10 for such a short distance, because the walking was really a lot especially during a burning hot day!

Continue form previous post, some photos I took inside China Pavilion.
There is the amazing animation which I like it a lot in the pavilion, which tells the story of history of Chinese

And this was taken during the train ride within China Pavilion, that shows the construction wisdom of Chinese since many century back

Sorry, I've taken lots of photo of the pavilions with our "pretty face", therefore cannot be uploaded, as this blog has to remain its anonymity!!!

Show you guys some of the pavilions..
The Israel Pavilion

Indonesia Pavilion

India Pavilion

Qatar Pavilion

Brunei Pavilion

Haha....this was taken in the their environmental friendly concept that fits the theme of the expo , "Better City, better Life', therefore even toilet paper is environmental friendly!!

And this is Hai Bao,the blue plump cartoon, the mascot of Shanghai Expo 2010.

Last but not least, since this expo site was built from scratch, notice that they even 'plug in' lots of trees and plants to "greenify" the place.


Michelle Y said...

Cool pics!
Visiting~~ Pls visit and follow ya! :)

uLi.佑莉 said... nice le the Shanghai Expo! Envy envy~

SimpleGirl said...

michelle Y, sure

ULi, no need to envy la...U can also pay a visit ya

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