Monday, August 23, 2010

Purple Cane@Osborne Street, Ipoh

Purple Cane has relocated to the old Fu San Dim Sum building. The ambiance is really great, a nice place...check this out!!!

The food is quite "light" and healthy. According to the manager, the tea shop cum restaurant emphasizes on low sugar, salt and less oil, with better quality ingredient.
We ordered one golden beancurd with green tea saute@ RM8.80, one of the nice finger food that is nice together with a nice cup of tea.

Another nice finger food is the Sweet Potato balls@RM5.80

We also like the fried fish fillet with Long Zhen tea@RM12.80

We also order Lei Cha fried noodle set@RM16.80 come with acar pickles and steamed peanuts

Not to forget to order the caramel pudding for dessert! I didn't snap the photo, but it was really tasty!!!

In fact the place is more like a lifestyle dining place, which we enjoy the ambiance, and my friends commented that food was good, but nothing too special to shout about! But I love the caramel pudding and sweet potato balls a lot!
Prices are rather high, as they charge 10% service charge.
Purple Cane
No.2, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar ( Osborne Street),
30300, Ipoh, Perak.
Open from 9am to 10pm
(Old Fu San building)


jen said...

the environment is really nice!

J2Kfm said...

Thank you Simple Girl for the reassuring post. So this confirms that this IS the Purple Cane Tea House from KL?
I like their dishes; simple and tasty without overly heavy fragrance of tea leaves in them.

SimpleGirl said...

jen, yes, just that a bit more mosquito at night, but later, they tried to one more fans for us to "get rid" of the mosquitoes....haha

j2kfm, yes, Purple Cane tea house from KL,,,,nice place for tea and some light meal

Little Inbox said...

The place has been transformed into nice ambiance. :)
Love the healthy dining concept.

eugene said...

You know, the first phototgraph just gave me a rush about one thing that i have been thinking of buying,,,,, guess what?

the tree lah.... i have been wanting to buy a tree (not so tall one) and put in a a pot and display in my living hall, i would just love it,,,,,

thank you thank you,, go to go lunch now,, take care now ;ya

vialentino said...

cool this ambience a lot...

reanaclaire said...

hi.. if i havent come here and read this, i wouldnt know there is such a fine dining here now! thanks for posting this up.. being an ipohian, i m really backdated.. :)

SimpleGirl said...

little inbox, yeah, true, most outside food contains lot of MSG...this place could be a better option for light meal and fellowship with friends!!!

Eugene, yes,the trees look nice, but can "attract" mosquitoes too...but it really add colours to the overall ambiance

vialentino, yes, I love the ambiance a lot, cant believe it was the busy old Fu San restaurant...haha

reanaclaire, not that you are backdated, maybe didn't notice or didnt pass by that area la, perhaps you could drop by one day!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I've always loved going to Purple Cane. The beancurd with greentea looks very delish. I wonder if the Purple Cane here in KL serves this. I must check them out!

SimpleGirl said...

healthfreakmommy, I think should be the same as KL, this is a branch....

uLi.佑莉 said...

Tried this in KL branch, not bad. Foods are healthy too :)

worldwindows said...

This is a revival for a old and tired street. Kudos to the management faith and risk-taking.

SimpleGirl said...

ULi, yeah, it's a healthier version, indeed!!!

worldwindows, yes, in fact, they have turned around the place....

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