Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hee Kee Fried Crab Expert喜記避風塘炒辣蟹@Hong Kong

It was an unforgettable experience dinned at Hee Kee. Not because of the food actually, but the bill! We really paid through our nose, other dishes were ok, I mean quite reasonable, just that the 椒鹽瀨尿蝦 popping mantis prawn with salt was indeed a shock for us!

Guess what, 2 pieces cost us HK360/=
Check this out!!! Nothing special in terms of size, more or less like the one we got in Malaysia actually. However, was thinking of trying the Hong Kong style of cooking. But it was indeed an expensive trial!!! I am cracking my head about the so called market rate, can it be so expensive???

Other dishes were ok, quite reasonable for Hong Kong standard
The Bak Fan Yu 白飯魚@ HK89 for a small portion, but taste good!

Popping Chicken Wings with salt@HK78

And veg@HK68

It would have been a good experience if the mantis prawns was not so pricey, after all, we knew that this place is a bit pricey, being a popular dining place patron by celebrity and all, check out their website for details
Anyway, the price for the mantis prawns was really ridiculous! No next time!!

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