Monday, September 27, 2010

Saravanaa Bhavan@Masjid India, KL

Still remember the first time our friend brought us here, I had the nicest dosai I have ever eaten, it was so nice, crispy, coupled with not the mediocre chutney, simply lovely!!
He gave us a lengthy introduction on this vegetarian restaurant, originated from Chennai, now Saravanaa Bhavan has got more than 30 outlets throughout the world in places like US, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Canada. The selling point is food quality and taste as well as the cleanliness of preparation.

This time around, I ordered a paper dosai, and bf ordered vegetarian rice set.

My dosai came with 2 types of chutney, dahl and some curry, lovely!! No comparison with those mediocre dosai at normal mamak restaurant!

His vegetarian set

N also my favourite cauliflower fried

The price is on the higher side as compared to other Indian restaurant, but we concluded that food is really good, in fact, much better than Gopala at Brickfields. If you are a vegetarian, or feel like having Indian vegetarian food, this could be a good choice. They have outlets in Bangsar and PJ as well.


foodbin said...

authentic Indian food.

SimpleGirl said...

foodbin, yes!!!We love it

Duckie said...

love indian food =)

jen said...

why the cauliflower is red color geh? i thought is tandoori chicken, hehe

阿葉 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SimpleGirl said...

Duckie, me too!!

Jen, coz it's the coating....but taste good!!!

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