Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home made Sze Chuan Chilli Chicken

We'll be flying off to Manila tonight to attend my love graduation's ceremony. I am so proud of him, as he has achieved his PhD after hard work all these years.
The other day, he cooked some nice Sze Chuan Chilli Chicken at home, as we love the Dragon Eye's version so much!!!
Managed to buy some Sze Chuan pepper and he decided to experiment this dish at home. Very yummy for a non-professional cook, in fact. He first marinated the chicken pieces with salt, pepper, bit of tumeric and chilli powder.
Then, fried the chicken, later, stir fried the chicken pieces with garlic, dry chillies and Sze Chuan pepper, here it goes.....lovely!!!

1 comment:

foodbin said...

good effort but looks a bit dry.

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