Monday, January 31, 2011

Kizuna One Japanese Restaurant@RPGC, Ipoh.

This is a second review of Kizuna One. This is so far one of the best Japanese restaurant in Ipoh, as far as freshness and tastiness is concerned. Service and ambiance also is tip-top.

Check out some yummy food we had....the sashimi is really good - Goten Moriawase@ RM70.00!

Hamachi Sashimi@ RM32, it's like eating super fat pork meat, really mouthwatering!!

The garlic fried rice also not bad! Only at RM8/=

We also ordered ramen and asparagus prawn teppanyaki.

If you plan to visit during the Chinese New Year, don't forget to order their Japanese style Yu Sang, super good( sorry photo not taken here)!
And another not to miss sushi is shake sashimi which is super duper good!!!

Call: 05- 5484802 for reservation. Located at Royal Perak Golf Club Ipoh, open to public!!!

Have a prosperous rabbit Chinese New year!!!!Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daorae Korean BBQ@De Garden Ipoh

The newly opened Daorea Korean BBQ at De Garden has got the charm to attract quite a good crowd. Perhaps is new , lots of people want to check out this place, it was quite crowded on a weekday dinner at Daorea yesterday.
We ALSO joined the bandwagon to check out this famous brand that already well established in the Klang Valley and Penang.
The ambiance is good, service is tip top and food is definetely far better than other so called Korean food in Ipoh. Of course, with all these "plus points" the price is also on the higher side.

This is how the restaurant look like....

The starters, a really good variety they are offering!

Then comes the 2 BBQ dishes we ordered, one special pork and another marinated chicken. Both were good!!! The pork is not marinated, but texture is very tender,whereas the marinated chicken taste really good with the nicely marinated sauce.
Look at the before and after photo of special pork being will be completed to wrap the pork that dipped with BBQ sauce, special sauce, a piece of garlic and onion with a slice of vege....superb!

The chicken

In between, the boss came with a plate of complimentary Korean pancake. Perhaps its because its newly opened promotion, good good, I love the pancake.

The meal never ends here, we also ordered a Kimchi hotpot to try. Lots of vege, some pork slice, little hot as well.
This is all cooked, only the noodle is uncooked, which they add it later...

Overall the food was up to our expectation, but later we found that we were rather thirsty, was it the sauce? or kimchi soup? not sure whether there is high MSG?? Anyway, is happy that at least now there is more quality restaurant around Ipoh, better variety for Ipohian to check out!
Total damage was RM129.80 ( including 10% service charge ).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beef Noodle@Greenhill Corner Coffee Shop, Kuching

Never knew this humble stall at Kuching Greenhill corner coffee shop serves quite nice beef noodle. We were hunting for breakfast around that area, and bump into this coffee shop, notice this owner of Ah Heng Beef Noodle busy preparing the noodle - I told myself, his business should be good, no harm giving a try!

My bowl of beef noodle, springy noodle texture, comes with tender beef pieces. I quite like it, it will be perfect if the chili sauce is good ( this one rather watery)!

We walked around the riverfront area and Carpenter Street, and these are some photos taken.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Khatulistiwa Restaurant@Kuching Waterfront

This is a strategic location at Kuching waterfront. We had our new year eve dinner there. In fact, the dining experience is more for the location and ambiance. This is the outlook of the restaurant, taken from Riverfront Majestic Hotel.

The ambiance within the restaurant

Food HERE is just average. The nasi goreng belacan was quite okay( recommended by the waitress)@RM11.90.

The Black pepper chicken chop@RM15.90, just mediocre.

Anyway, food sometimes doesn't matter when you have great company!
Further down the road is the cat statue, the icon of Kuching town. The night view

And "Day view"

Just a funny note: We didn't see any cats around, rather more dogs in this "cat town" ....HAHA..

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa@Kuching

Being a Malaysian for the past 30 years, this was my first time visiting Kuching, the East Malaysia. Landed at Kuching International Airport after 1 hour 40 mins flight from LCCT, it was not a long journey. Even though we are 1 Malaysia, but flying from West Malaysia, I had to go through the immigration, presented my Mycard and was given a slip of max 90 days stay, with no working permission. Queuing at the Immigration counter itself made me feel that the people there are rather laid back....I HAD a bad time waiting for my turn!!!!!
Taxi to the hotel near Riverfront costs RM26/=, which was just approximately 15-18 mins journey. Moving around Kuching in taxi will be killer, short distance like 1-2km costs at least RM12.

Anyway, finally I got a chance to try Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee at a coffee shop near the riverfront. The soup of the laksa looks different from our usual Penang laksa, taste wise, of course totally different, not as sour as Penang laksa, on the other hand, I feel my bowl of laksa not spicy enough. It taste somewhat like curry without coconut milk.

Kolo Mee is basically the dry version noodle in West Malaysia. The Kuching Kolo Mee is without dark soya sauce, looks bland but taste ok. Their noodles texture is different, not as springy as wantee mee, but taste good.

Anyway, it was a good experience, can't remember the coffee shop name, but it is located behind Harbour View Hotel, Kuching, open for lunch.
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