Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beef Noodle@Greenhill Corner Coffee Shop, Kuching

Never knew this humble stall at Kuching Greenhill corner coffee shop serves quite nice beef noodle. We were hunting for breakfast around that area, and bump into this coffee shop, notice this owner of Ah Heng Beef Noodle busy preparing the noodle - I told myself, his business should be good, no harm giving a try!

My bowl of beef noodle, springy noodle texture, comes with tender beef pieces. I quite like it, it will be perfect if the chili sauce is good ( this one rather watery)!

We walked around the riverfront area and Carpenter Street, and these are some photos taken.


Selba said...

I would love to visit Kuching someday, looks a lot of yummy food that you were eating there :)

SimpleGirl said...

Selba, frankly speaking Kuching food is not as as West Malaysia, over here we have better choices!!! haha...this is my personal opinion

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