Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Khatulistiwa Restaurant@Kuching Waterfront

This is a strategic location at Kuching waterfront. We had our new year eve dinner there. In fact, the dining experience is more for the location and ambiance. This is the outlook of the restaurant, taken from Riverfront Majestic Hotel.

The ambiance within the restaurant

Food HERE is just average. The nasi goreng belacan was quite okay( recommended by the waitress)@RM11.90.

The Black pepper chicken chop@RM15.90, just mediocre.

Anyway, food sometimes doesn't matter when you have great company!
Further down the road is the cat statue, the icon of Kuching town. The night view

And "Day view"

Just a funny note: We didn't see any cats around, rather more dogs in this "cat town" ....HAHA..


jen said...

happy belated new year to you!
yes agree with ya, food doesn't matter as long as you have great company :)

Little Inbox said...

The food really looks so so only. Disappointed?

SimpleGirl said...

Jen, thanks. U too, have a great year ahead!!!

Little Inbox, yeah, food was so so la...but overall ambiance was ok.

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