Thursday, February 24, 2011

皇城美食坊 Emperor City, Macau

A local friend introduced this place to my dad, if not as tourist we won't be knowing this humble, and not strategically located restaurant, in fact is a gem for Cantonese cuisine. Prices are reasonable but food served here are 5 star!!!
I am not a fan of lamb, but this place serves superb braised lamb which really surprised me!!! They did it really good, the lamb pieces were so tender...

Second surprise - I do not cockles but the cockles served in Emperor City are huge and super duper fresh....thumbs Up!! The cockle 螄蚶 is as big as an oyster, I enjoy the freshness of the cockle 螄蚶 really!! You'll never see these in Malaysia. The restaurantuer merely boiled the cockles till they are cooked, no need of dipping with any sauce, there is no fishy/muddy taste!

Another dish is the clams - which are equally good and fresh! Yummylicious!

This special noodles stir fried with prawns was another gem, we can't resist and re-ordered another pot. Love the sauce and texture of the noodles

The steamed fish also doesn't lose it's charm as compared to other dishes, we love it too! Fresh!

Drop by Emperor City if you visit Macau, it will definitely surprise you!
Not only that, there is a Espirit outlet nearby (Opp McDonald's), we managed to grab a lot of great deal there after the nice dinner, double happiness!!!!
For more info, click on their website:


jen ® said...

waa giant cockles <3!

thanks for the info, will include this in my itinerary :)

SimpleGirl said...

Jen, take a cab and if possible show the address in Chinese to them. Cabby in Macau is not as friendly as those in Hong Kong.

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