Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wong Kee@Chemor

I was reading Ipoh Echo the other day and was attracted by the write up of SeeFoon on her food recommendation. Since she is a real foodie , I decided to give it a try on this place that is highly recommended by her.
My friend told me the place will be very crowded especially on weekend, so we called and make a booking to secure our table.
Yes, arriving at around 7.30pm, the place was really crowded, and be prepared to wait for at least 25minutes. However, you'll forget about the waiting time once you starts tasting the yummy food.

We ordered sambal fried"lou shu fen" - superb!Even though we didn't taste strong taste of sambal, but it was full of "wok hei" and yet, not that oily - everybody love this! Must order!

Another signature dish recommended by SeeFoon was the "Shang Yu" Ikan Haruan fish broth. Oh my, the soup was really rich - boiled with fish meat, fish bones, red dates, wolf berries, wood ear fungus etc. Lovely!

The good stuff never ends here, the fried squid and steamed frog legs were equally good. Squid was fresh, not overly powdered when fried, inside is still juicy, and outside is so crispy!

The frog leg was fresh! When the boss took out order, he told us there is two type of frog legs, small and big size. Of course, the big ones are more expensive, but he claimed that all are wild-caught and not farmed rare.

Veg dish with belacan stir fried was to our liking as well!

The only dish that was so so was the beehoon fried crab - we felt that it was bit too dry.

Overall, food rating is 8/10. Price are reasonable - total food for 5 pax including beer was just RM137. We will definitely come back for other dishes in their menu!
Restoran Wong Kee ( Same row with Public Bank )
24 Laluan Sinaran, Desa Chemor Sinaran, Chemor.
Tel.: 012-5182686/019-5561870
Open: 10.30 a.m.-2.30p.m. & 5.30-11.00 p.m.
Closed every fortnight on Tuesdays.


jen said...

i still don't have the courage to eat frog legs >.<

SimpleGirl said...

Jen, really?? it's ok, after all there's so many good food besides this ya!

Sherley said...

hey food pic snap nice n clear woh!! so much improvement de!!

SimpleGirl said...

sherley, thanks for your encouragement! way to go for perfect photo

Little Inbox said...

sambal fried lou shu fen sounds like a good combination.

SimpleGirl said...

Little Inbox, the sambal lou shu fun was a blast!!!

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