Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Seafood Porridge & Noodles -Restoran Lucky@Jalan Pasir Puteh,Ipoh

Restaurant Lucky, located along Jalan Pasir Puteh in Ipoh has been established for many years and is famous for its exorbitantly high price around the town. However, no doubt, they serves the best and super fresh seafood porridge and noodles of all types. You may pay through your nose, but quality of food serves will never be compromised! You will notice most of the cars park in front of the restaurants are luxury cars - that tells you most of their loyal customers are "high-end" ones.

It has been a long time I didn't go to Lucky....this time around, we ordered fish sliced porridge and Dry wanton noodles with fresh prawns - wow, I must admit they have keep up the standard and still the best in town! Yummylicious - without much MSG! Super fresh!Lovely!

Drop by when you long for some seafood porridge or seafood noodles of any kind.
266A Jalan Pasir Puteh ( Cornet lot, before Caltex)
31650 Ipoh

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shanghai Snacks & Dim Sum

We walked around the area near our hotel in the morning in search of some local delicacies, and we found this little humble stall was crowded with people queuing up for talk away. We joined the bandwagon and be adventurous to check out the food. It's written in Chinese - 山东煎饼 - Shandong's Crepe/ pancake. It's nice to see this lady so dedicated preparing the pancake while we queue up for our order.

She first flatten the mixed flour on the flat pan, then add 2 eggs into it, later she add some scallions, spring onion, two type of special sauce. Before she folds it up, she also add those crispy fried dough. Taste super yummy and something really special for us. We love it so much!

Merely RMB 2.50 for 2 pieces - we love it!

Then we walked to around and found this shop which serves some dim sum item, as usual Xiao Long Bao is there, and I ordered something special, which I can't get in Malaysia.
Check this out - the Siew Mai - but it's totally different from our Siew Mai - inside is glutinous rice. But this one doesn't suit my taste bud - the skin is quite thick and the rice is rather good!

And check out the dirty basket serving the Xiao Long Bao - I think they didn't clean it for ages!

The Xiao Long Bao here taste so so only - of course no way near the Ding Tai Fung's version!
Luckily, the pan fried dumpling and Beef puff were good!

Of course this shop is patron by the locals, prices are super cheap compared to those branded and posh restaurant.

All these can be found near Yu Yuan Road愚园路, Jing An Qu上海静安区, Shanghai.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

小杨生煎Xiao Yang Fried Dumpling@Shanghai

This time around, our mission to try the street food/ local delicacies that adores that by the local. In fact, one of the fun part about travelling is to experience the local culture...and FOOD is definitely one of the most significant symbol of the culture of a country/city!

Our local driver agreed that 小杨生煎 is one of the must visit place for savour some local snacks. We went to this outlet at Huang He Lu 黄河路. We can see there's lots of people already queuing up for "take away" and ordering food soon after our arrival.
This is the outlook of the shop

Check out the list of food Xiao Yang serves!

Our piping hot fried dumpling - merely 5.5 RMB for 4 huge pieces!
Irresistible great texture of skin, and filling is similar to Xiao Long Bao, with pork meat and soup inside! Love it to the core, esp in the super cold weather, this is just too good!Satisfactory!

The making of dumpling- freshness guaranteed!

Another version of dumpling besides Xiao Long Bao, must try if you visit Shanghai!
黄浦区黄河路97号1-3楼(近凤阳路)They have many different outlets, do google it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ding Tai Fung鼎泰豐@XinTianDi, Shanghai

We were in Shanghai again. This was a short trip as he need to be there for few days for his work related purpose - I just tagged along.
Since last time we didn't try the famous Xiao Long Bao at Ding Tai Fung in Shanghai, this time around, we made an effort to savour it! I have been surfing a lot about the best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai, and many agreed that even though Ding Tai Fung is not a China brand, but no doubt it serves the best Xiao Long Bao here in Shanghai.
The truth has been revealed after our visit to one of the outlet in XinTianDi - yes, I reckoned the Xiao Long Bao quality is a bit different from the outlet in Gardens Mall, menu is bit different as well.

The steaming hot Xiao Long Bao we ordered here of the best!

We ordered something different, which I didn't see in our local outlet. This is the mini version called Xiao Long'Tang Bao' 小籠湯包. The small Xiao Long tang bao comes with the soup, whereby one has to eat together with the soup! I love this too! Thumbs up!

We also ordered steamed vege bun - with super soft skin. Unbeatable! I felt like having more!!!

The sesame steamed bun completed our meal - soft skin and hot sesame filling - not too sweet though! We loving it!

Other appertizers we ordered includes:
Drunken chicken

And braised beancurd with black mushroom

It was a satisfactory meal before we say bye bye to Shanghai! Xiao Long Bao mission completed!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Berlin's Bier Houz@ Greentown, Ipoh

I am not a beer drinker, even though I heard so much about this place, still haven't go and check out the food at Berlin's even though this restaurant has been in town for almost 8 months. Poor me, so outdated!
Finally dragged myself there and I was quite impressed with the food items we ordered. Something that goes well with beer, but we ordered mocktail instead!
This German roast pork is real good stuff, crispy skin and nicely proportional fat and lean meat - yummylicious!

Sausage platter - a recommendation by the waiter - were all good! Not those run-of-the-mill type! Lovely

The mango and Lychee mocktail, we love the mango mocktail that taste real "mango" taste!!!

Will surely come back!
Berlin's Bier Houz
No 12, Ground Floor,
Persiaran Greentown 4,
Greentown Business Centre,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
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