Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Seafood Porridge & Noodles -Restoran Lucky@Jalan Pasir Puteh,Ipoh

Restaurant Lucky, located along Jalan Pasir Puteh in Ipoh has been established for many years and is famous for its exorbitantly high price around the town. However, no doubt, they serves the best and super fresh seafood porridge and noodles of all types. You may pay through your nose, but quality of food serves will never be compromised! You will notice most of the cars park in front of the restaurants are luxury cars - that tells you most of their loyal customers are "high-end" ones.

It has been a long time I didn't go to Lucky....this time around, we ordered fish sliced porridge and Dry wanton noodles with fresh prawns - wow, I must admit they have keep up the standard and still the best in town! Yummylicious - without much MSG! Super fresh!Lovely!

Drop by when you long for some seafood porridge or seafood noodles of any kind.
266A Jalan Pasir Puteh ( Cornet lot, before Caltex)
31650 Ipoh


~Christine~Leng said...

i love seafood noodles! dis the noodles infused well with the seafood taste? drools :)

SimpleGirl said...

hi Christine, yea, me too! BTW, love your post on Chris' proposal! Congrats

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