Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ding Tai Fung鼎泰豐@XinTianDi, Shanghai

We were in Shanghai again. This was a short trip as he need to be there for few days for his work related purpose - I just tagged along.
Since last time we didn't try the famous Xiao Long Bao at Ding Tai Fung in Shanghai, this time around, we made an effort to savour it! I have been surfing a lot about the best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai, and many agreed that even though Ding Tai Fung is not a China brand, but no doubt it serves the best Xiao Long Bao here in Shanghai.
The truth has been revealed after our visit to one of the outlet in XinTianDi - yes, I reckoned the Xiao Long Bao quality is a bit different from the outlet in Gardens Mall, menu is bit different as well.

The steaming hot Xiao Long Bao we ordered here of the best!

We ordered something different, which I didn't see in our local outlet. This is the mini version called Xiao Long'Tang Bao' 小籠湯包. The small Xiao Long tang bao comes with the soup, whereby one has to eat together with the soup! I love this too! Thumbs up!

We also ordered steamed vege bun - with super soft skin. Unbeatable! I felt like having more!!!

The sesame steamed bun completed our meal - soft skin and hot sesame filling - not too sweet though! We loving it!

Other appertizers we ordered includes:
Drunken chicken

And braised beancurd with black mushroom

It was a satisfactory meal before we say bye bye to Shanghai! Xiao Long Bao mission completed!!!!


jen said...

the drunken chicken looks good! *drool*

SimpleGirl said...

Jen, hmm..don't remind me of that...I am drooling too!!!

jen ® said...

i went to dragon one for the xiao long bao but disappointing. perhaps really need to travel far for the good ones keke

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