Thursday, March 17, 2011

小杨生煎Xiao Yang Fried Dumpling@Shanghai

This time around, our mission to try the street food/ local delicacies that adores that by the local. In fact, one of the fun part about travelling is to experience the local culture...and FOOD is definitely one of the most significant symbol of the culture of a country/city!

Our local driver agreed that 小杨生煎 is one of the must visit place for savour some local snacks. We went to this outlet at Huang He Lu 黄河路. We can see there's lots of people already queuing up for "take away" and ordering food soon after our arrival.
This is the outlook of the shop

Check out the list of food Xiao Yang serves!

Our piping hot fried dumpling - merely 5.5 RMB for 4 huge pieces!
Irresistible great texture of skin, and filling is similar to Xiao Long Bao, with pork meat and soup inside! Love it to the core, esp in the super cold weather, this is just too good!Satisfactory!

The making of dumpling- freshness guaranteed!

Another version of dumpling besides Xiao Long Bao, must try if you visit Shanghai!
黄浦区黄河路97号1-3楼(近凤阳路)They have many different outlets, do google it!


Little Inbox said...

Hmm...this really looks good!

SimpleGirl said...

Yes, Little Inbox, it looks and taste good!!

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