Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pig 'N' Whistle@Queen Street, Brisbane

TGIF! Another post sharing my food adventure in Brisbane!

We passed by Pig 'N' Whistle at Riverside, Brisbane after office hour, and found out that this place was super crowded, the following day, we decided to try the food at there.

I ordered organic beef burger c/w cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and chips - no doubt it was rich, and not the ordinary type of burger I've tried. Thumbs up!

He ordered the "Today's Special" - oven-baked barramundi fish - nothing much to shout about but freshness guaranteed!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beefy's- Australia Famous Steak Pie@Ettamogah Pub Complex

During our day trip to Sunshine Coast Hinterland, our guide dropped us at Ettamogah Pub to check out the iconic pub of Queensland. The impressive caricature apperance pub was indeed a cool place...this is the exterior of the building

And the interior of the pub

Guess what's this?? Looks like a mini brewery kettle huh? fact, it's taken by Mr. N at the gent's pee station - as the guide told us to check it out...haha. cool isnt't it?!

Of course, Mr. N tasted his beer at the pub. However, our adventure never ends there, as the guide highlighted to us to try the Australia's most famous beef steak pie at Beefy's.

The small restaurant was super crowded, and we can't wait to queue up to order our pie! The freshly baked, aromatic of the pies were irresistable!!!

We ordered Signature Steak Pie and Steak and Cracked pepper pie....super juicy beef, and strong great gravy, fabulously delicious!

A must try if you happened to be in Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brekkie@ The Coffee Club, Brisbane Airport

Another nice place for great food is The Coffee Club, during my last visit to Gold Coast, I've already tried this place, the coffee and food were all great.
Before we departed, we had our breakfast at The Coffee Club at the airport.

We ordered a steak sandwich, love the beef in Aussie...tender texture with toast, simply delicious!

I love Coffee Club!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brekkie at Merlo Cafe, George Street@Brisbane

It's has been a long long time since I flown Singapore Airlines. This time around, we took SIA because it's cheaper than MAS, as they have 2 to go promotion. Indeed, the A330 didn't fail to impress us. The service & food were great as compared to MAS. Moreover, inflight entertainment has got more choices too! The 8 hours flight was not so tiring and boring though!

We arrived at Brisbane around 655am, already booked CoachTrans airport transfer to send us to the hotel at CBD. It is perhaps a cheaper option as compared to taxi. As taxi is super pricey here in Australia as a mode of transportation.
We stayed at Mercure Brisbane which oversees the southbank...check the view out...lovely, isn't it?

The room at Mercure Brisbane

Mercure has got a strategic location in CBD Brisbane, just 5 mins walk one can reach Southbank, Queenstreet Mall Shopping area, coach terminal etc.

We HAD our first day breakfast at Merlo Cafe - the coffee and the Mediterranean bread - lovely!

A great start of the day!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hung Kee@Cowan Street, Ipoh

Miss L has been bugging me for a long time to check out the food at Hung Kee. I was reluctant because every time we pass by the place, it is rather deserted....made me wonder whether the food is good. Her friend told her, the food is like home-cooked style, and it means nothing fancy, a really simple dining experience.
And finally, I agreed with her to try Hung Kee, as today when we arrived there were 2tables filled up the place.
We noticed both the tables ordered the stew soup, should be their signature, I guess! But this time round, we didn't order...will surely order next round!

Love the old-style set-up, which is really create some nostalgia feeling..

Waiting time was quite a bit, as we noticed only one old lady and old uncle in charge of the restaurant. After waiting for about 15mins, here she is, serving the rice in porcelain bowl, looks like the rice is steamed rice, really authentic! It taste good indeed!

We ordered bitter gourd fried egg - thumbs up! 7/10 - Miss L said is not salty enough. But I feel is quite ok.

Then comes the mud carp steamed fish鲩鱼 in sauce - we ordered a belly piece, not bad also! 8/10

Lastly, stir fry siew yuk in chinese leek - yummy yummy! 9/10

What a feeling of my grandmother's food...I reckoned the food is without MSG, simple yet really authentic! I have changed my impression on Hung Kee, I will definitely return for other dishes soon!
Hung Kee - 亨記
Cowan Street, 30450 Ipoh, Perak
Corner shop (Opposite the old eight corner building)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Devi's Corner @ Bangsar

It's not our first time dining at Devi's Corner, but since the food is so glorious, every time when the food is served, I tend to forget to snap photo!
But this time round, I told myself, I must blog about it, even though it's not new to most KL people!
Went straight to 1st floor -which is air-conditioned for our set meal!
Our lovely set of banana leaf meal-awesome!!!

A close-up

The chicken 65 we ordered - freshly fried- must order for fried chicken lover!

Kerala fish curry - heavenly- nice and rich gravy -perfect for the rice!

A perfect place for a great set of banana leaf rice!!Thumbs Up!

Opposite Bangsar Village II
Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru14 Jalan Telawi 4
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