Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beefy's- Australia Famous Steak Pie@Ettamogah Pub Complex

During our day trip to Sunshine Coast Hinterland, our guide dropped us at Ettamogah Pub to check out the iconic pub of Queensland. The impressive caricature apperance pub was indeed a cool place...this is the exterior of the building

And the interior of the pub

Guess what's this?? Looks like a mini brewery kettle huh? fact, it's taken by Mr. N at the gent's pee station - as the guide told us to check it out...haha. cool isnt't it?!

Of course, Mr. N tasted his beer at the pub. However, our adventure never ends there, as the guide highlighted to us to try the Australia's most famous beef steak pie at Beefy's.

The small restaurant was super crowded, and we can't wait to queue up to order our pie! The freshly baked, aromatic of the pies were irresistable!!!

We ordered Signature Steak Pie and Steak and Cracked pepper pie....super juicy beef, and strong great gravy, fabulously delicious!

A must try if you happened to be in Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast!


shazzy said...

hi, can i contact you by email. need a favour from you ^^

SimpleGirl said...

Hi shazzy, please give me your email address, I will drop you an email!

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