Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Devi's Corner @ Bangsar

It's not our first time dining at Devi's Corner, but since the food is so glorious, every time when the food is served, I tend to forget to snap photo!
But this time round, I told myself, I must blog about it, even though it's not new to most KL people!
Went straight to 1st floor -which is air-conditioned for our set meal!
Our lovely set of banana leaf meal-awesome!!!

A close-up

The chicken 65 we ordered - freshly fried- must order for fried chicken lover!

Kerala fish curry - heavenly- nice and rich gravy -perfect for the rice!

A perfect place for a great set of banana leaf rice!!Thumbs Up!

Opposite Bangsar Village II
Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru14 Jalan Telawi 4


timing said...

Is there a Kanna Curry house near your area? They also famous for banana leaf rice.

SimpleGirl said...

timing, no...there is no Kanna curry house in Ipoh too bad...

jen said...

make me craving for one now :D~

SimpleGirl said...

jen, so sad, Ipoh doesn't have much ya!

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