Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hung Kee@Cowan Street, Ipoh

Miss L has been bugging me for a long time to check out the food at Hung Kee. I was reluctant because every time we pass by the place, it is rather deserted....made me wonder whether the food is good. Her friend told her, the food is like home-cooked style, and it means nothing fancy, a really simple dining experience.
And finally, I agreed with her to try Hung Kee, as today when we arrived there were 2tables filled up the place.
We noticed both the tables ordered the stew soup, should be their signature, I guess! But this time round, we didn't order...will surely order next round!

Love the old-style set-up, which is really create some nostalgia feeling..

Waiting time was quite a bit, as we noticed only one old lady and old uncle in charge of the restaurant. After waiting for about 15mins, here she is, serving the rice in porcelain bowl, looks like the rice is steamed rice, really authentic! It taste good indeed!

We ordered bitter gourd fried egg - thumbs up! 7/10 - Miss L said is not salty enough. But I feel is quite ok.

Then comes the mud carp steamed fish鲩鱼 in sauce - we ordered a belly piece, not bad also! 8/10

Lastly, stir fry siew yuk in chinese leek - yummy yummy! 9/10

What a feeling of my grandmother's food...I reckoned the food is without MSG, simple yet really authentic! I have changed my impression on Hung Kee, I will definitely return for other dishes soon!
Hung Kee - 亨記
Cowan Street, 30450 Ipoh, Perak
Corner shop (Opposite the old eight corner building)


J2Kfm said...

Yeah. I have always pushed for Mum to go there once. Since the last time we ate there was 20 years ago or so.
But somehow ... the traffic during the afternoons marred the experience.

Now you gave me an even stronger reason to visit.

SimpleGirl said...

j2kfm, yes, please go , am sure U'll enjoy the authentic dishes

Cooking Gallery said...

The foods all look very yummy...!! Pity I am so far away from Malaysia!

SimpleGirl said...

cooking gallery, thanks for dropping by. Your bentos all look superb too!!great effort!

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