Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Breakaway@ Swiss Garden Damai Laut & Ah Pek Seafood

It was his birthday and we went for a breakaway near Ipoh. We chose Swiss Garden Damai Laut, thinking it's a 4 star resort, for a relaxing beach breakaway, howover, the resort is not as "cool" as we thought. In fact, room, so called deluxe room is rather run-down, perhaps other category room is better( I am not sure). Whatever it is, the room doesn't look like the one they have in their website( deceiving, totally deceiving). Very secluded resort, of course, the beach access is there, but nothing much to shout about. Buffet breakfast were included, was just so so~~~~I don't think I will go again!
Having said that, I enjoy every moment we spend together!!!

The view from the resort lobby, quite nice, but the lobby is not air-conditioned, so very very humid and stuffy!

The pic taken from our room balcony

Anyway, we enjoyed the sun set viewing moment

BTW, before we checked in to Swiss Garden Damai Laut, we detour to Setiawan for some seafood lunch. We went to the same place, Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Restaurant....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Air Asia fuel surcharge

Air Asia announced surcharge on tickets booking since yesterday. Fuel surcharge is now RM10 per way for domestic flights, RM20 TO RM30 per way for international flights. Even though it doesn't seem to be a huge amount, but looking at they are charging convenience fee for credit card payment and other add on charges, I really wonder whether we can still get low price for our tickets?
My personal experience of buying domestic air ticket from KL to Kuching(2 way), Fireflyz prices are cheaper than Air Asia promo price. Looking at the comfort of landing at KLIA, why should we go for Air Asia?

My last experience flying Singapore Airlines from KL-SIN-BRISBANE, really made me feel that their service is no doubt 5 star! In fact, the promotion ticket for 2 to go was rather reasonable, for less than RM2,200/= per pax. Food was good, seat was comfortable, in flight entertainment was superb, and not to mentioned, the smile on the face of air steward/stewardess really made one feel good! of course, it it not fair to compare them with Air Asia, as it is not an apple to apple comparison. However, my point is no frills does not mean lousy service, so far, Air Asia staff, from ground staff to cabin crew, most of their faces were arrogant, not friendly...some more their prices are not competitive most of the time ( unless you are booking very much ahead, or you are so lucky to get their zero fare deal)!
Hmm....that's one more reason I don't like Air Asia!!
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