Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jo-Jo's@ Queenstreet Mall, Brisbane

On our last night in Brisbane, we were wondering around Queenstreet Mall area, and finally ended up at Jo-Jo's for dinner. A corner lot located on 1st floor, with balcony seating, Jo-Jo's look like a happening place! Taking the escalator up to 1st floor, the place already packed with people, and we were told that we have to wait for 20 mins. Jo-Jo's concept is more or less like our local food court, whereby you can opt for many different kind of food here...of course, it looks more decent than most of our food court here( nevertheless, prices are not like our food court one....ahem).
We order half dozen of oyster, fresh, but not tip-top, at least not as good as the one we had in Gold Coast last time.

Then, a Margarita pizza with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil. Simple and nice!!

The two hungry ghost also ordered a plate of spaghetti and one Thai style Chili chicken and vege, with basil, super duper spicy but authentic!!

With a good spread of different menu of food and drinks, Jo-Jo's is indeed a good choice for you if you are in search of good and reasonably price food around Queenstreet Mall area in Brisbane.

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