Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Sushi@ De Garden, Ipoh

On a lovely Sat dinner, we went to De Garden for some window shopping, and after that ended up at Oh Sushi for dinner. The place was already very crowded. The service was quite prompt, we didn't have to wait for very long time for the food to be served. Overall, the place serves rather good food, price is reasonable, good ambiance and prompt service. I will surely come back again.

My fav tofu and salad

Assorted sushi - ok lah...for fast food standard

Some grilled stuff - salmon belly and squid- quite fresh

Last but not least, kimchi soup

We were quite happy with the food and of course, the price as well. Total damage was RM82.80 including gov tax and serv. charge.
Address: Oh Sushi
De Garden Mall Zone D.
P/S: My latest visit to Oh Sushi was a disaster!!! The kimchi soup was super salty, the teppankayi kimchi chicken tasted weird and not fresh. Volcano Roll was rather bad in taste...I am super to go again??????


Health Freak Mommy said...

Is this place opposite Jaya Jusco in Ipoh Garden East?

SimpleGirl said...

Healthy freak mommy, yes, De Garden Mall opp Jusco, now quite happening...must try when u comes back to Ipoh

SimpleGirl said...

My latest visit to Oh Sushi was a disaster!!!! Even though I got an apology from the captain, but if they don't improve on their quality of food...I don't think I will go again!!!!

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