Sunday, August 14, 2011

Delicious@Mid Valley Megamall

Seems that this place is rather popular, we were there for dinner and lots of people were already waiting.
I heard some positive comment about Delicious as well. However, this was the first time visiting.
Hubby ordered Balinese chicken with rice, he gave thumbs up, as the chicken was well grilled with nice sauce topping.

My garden salad - just so so only - nothing special, they just toast with mayonnaise.I can get better ones in Ipoh( Tammy's Kitchen serves better salad, with their special balsamic sauce, lovely)

The most disappointed was the boxing chicken - quite bad actually!! The chicken pieces were not properly cooked....

Luckily the dessert - tiramisu saves my day!!! Not too sweet, of my liking!

Will I return again, most probably no. Food is just OK, and service was not so good, looking at the price they charged.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take A break VIP Lounge@Ipoh Garden South

Sis told me that her friend introduced this laksa to her. What's so special??? Check this out, have you ever seen white colour laksa soup based??? I bet many of us have not seen it. Yes, this is the owner - Anna Ong's creation. The creamy white based soup is definitely not santan or milk, but her secret recipe. I quite like it, for a change, at least.
It's just that the soup was not hot enough, but taste wise, quite good actually.

( Sorry, taken with my phone and was in a hurry, not clear) - RM 6.00/bowl.

This place also is good for their blended juice.
That's the mango passion fruit blended juice @ RM6/=

We also ordered a chicken ham with cheese toast to share - very home made feeling,it taste good actually, but something which we can make at home, so on the other hand, nothing special...

Check out the interior of this restaurant...but somehow I don't know why they called it lounge???

If you are adventurous, check out this white soup based laksa. Staunch laksa lover might not like it, but I am ok with it!
The place: Take a break VIP Lounge
16, Tingkat Ipoh 11, Ipoh Garden South.
Open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner
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