Sunday, September 25, 2011

石磨坊 Shek Mo Fong@Mongkok, Hong Kong

I've been trying different desserts brand in Hong Kong. This time around, thought of checking out other options. Since we were near Mongkok, and saw Shek Mo Fong board, decided to check out their desserts. Like what my sis said, dessert here in HK, cannot be too bad though!!! OK, we have to just explore ya!

The place was deserted when we entered. Fine, perhaps is dinner time, people are not ready for desserts yet. Since we were super tired after a long day shopping, we just sit down and relax. As usual, a long list in their menu for us to choose....decision..decision, have to decide what to order...
Finally, I decided to order Cold sesame and walnut paste 芝麻合挑糊. Yummy yummy, it's not sweet at all, can really taste the rich walnut and sesame paste...feel so healthy haha.

Sis ordered mango and leung fun mix, not bad also...but no comparison with 滿記 Honey Moon Dessert.

Wanted to try more, but we just have to say too much good food, too little stomach....coz we have to keep some quota for other delicious food.
Haha, then only we can give ourselves excuses to come to Hong Kong again...

p/s: compare to other dessert house I've visited in Hong Kong, so far, Shek Mo Fong has got the worst service...
This outlet that we visited located in Mongkok, Hak Po Street 88.

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