Monday, October 3, 2011

Viet Kitchen@Hanoi

After almost 7 years+ of courtship, we finally settled down and got married! I decided to go to Halong Bay cruise as part of our honeymoon.
Our tour guide told us Hanoi is a city of motorbike. Yes, he was right, and no one follow rules here when it comes to driving. Crossing the road can be a real challenge here, with thousands of bikes flowing from left, right, and every corner.

Our first meal provided by local tour agent was at Viet Kitchen, Hanoi. Just the two of us, we joined this arranged tour from Asia Travel Expert. Since most local doesn't speak English, it is better to join tour to visit places in Hanoi.
After visiting a few places, our guide brought us to this place for lunch. Overall ambiance looks good, but food was just average. Overall food experience in Vietnam was not good. I have eaten much much better Vietnamese cuisine in Australia...sigh!
We have chicken, duck, vege, soup etc....

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