Thursday, November 3, 2011

Air Asia Sucks - take 2

Ever since Air Asia started charging for booking through credit card, I tried to use direct debit from Ebanking for the payment. I feel it is totally not worth to pay them the so called 'convenience fee'- in my case was just RM32.
Anyway,this is the second time the delayed of confirmation itenary being sent to me. Today , I spend RM1.95/MINUTE to call their so called premium call centre, waited for a donkey 12mins for them to solve my problem - this is totally ridiculous. The customer service guy was telling, " My booking has been cancelled due to the lead time of payment has expired. BUT, A big but, Air Asia has already taken my money from bank, WTF, I asked him, " If I didn't call you, you can simply taken my money and cancel my booking , without reisuing a new ticket to me?????" That's stupid and unfair for me. Moreover, I need to spend RM20+ TO CALL TO THEIR PREMIUM CALL CENTRE????
WTF, I hate Air Asia...............but I have no choice, coz they already became a monopoly business, I don't think they will improve their service!!!!


Miss V said...

I feel u woman!! i feel u!! .... rm1.98 per minit is sucking blood, i called them twice yesterday! First call can't detect my itinerary, second call yes!! (omg imagine if i thought wrong and booked another ticket) convenience fees keep increasing sucking more blood too!! (but yes direct debit no choice) ... I wished i could send u off but i couldn't.. (YSQ told me)... also wished i was in india too.... :-( I'm so sorry i couldn't make it.

SimpleGirl said...

It's ok, Miss V, come visit me or we shall meet in KLANG soon....take care

Anonymous said...

Yes, Airasia sucks. We should stop using airasia. I will at least use it less.

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