Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halong Bay Cruise

I really have to buck up, yes, already came back from Taipei trip, but haven't even upload and share about my Hanoi trip.
Anyway the most worthy to highlight is definitely an overnight stay at HALONG BAY.
Since Halong Bay beautiful scenery has been listed as another world heritage, it is really a must visit place for every Vietnam trip.
I selected a 4 star cruise/ junkboat to stay overnight, as I 've read and heard a lot about some lousy boat.
Normally, most cruises are running more or less the same itinerary, so what matters most is the room and food provided. Ours was quite good, actually.
That's our cruise, waiting to welcome us....

This is the room we stayed at Emotion Cruise Halong Bay: air-conditioned and clean!

That's the toilet

And not to mentioned, some beautiful shots at Halong Bay

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Anonymous said...

O...halong Bay i am coming..however i only take day trip from Hanoi.

am going there next sunday! Please share more what other interesting thing you have at Hanoi :)



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