Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taipei Trip #1

I was really impressed with the people in Taiwan. They are really really nice people, generally, people are helpful and sincere. We were there in mid of Oct, the weather was superb, not too hot and not too cold, lovely!!
We found that the 5 days 4 nights were totally not enough!!! And the food, simply delicious!

Our first stop: CKS Memorial Park

This this the national theatre...beautiful isn't it?

Then, we proceed to Taipei 101

Not to forget to try Ding Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao, originated from Taiwan.
There is a branch at Taipei 101 food court. Waiting time - 30mins, but worth it!

While waiting for our turn to taste the XLB, we ordered one set of Lu Rou Fan to share at the food court.

After that, we proceed to Wu Fen Pu for the famous Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan. Wonder around Wu Fen Pu and then heading to Raohe Night Market for another round of food hunting and shopping!!!!
Formosa Chang

Yummy, we asked for extra topping/ sauce

Since many people highly recommended to try the famous pepper biscuit in Raohe, we queued up for about 20mins to wait for our order.

All we have to say is too much food, too little stomach.....nice experience wonder around for food at Raohe, and bit of shopping as well.


email2me said...

I was there at Raohe too. The que were crazy just for the pepper biscuit. Another thing that I try there is the stinky bean curd which comes in few type which is grill, fried and toasted.

SimpleGirl said...

email2me, we tried the stinky daofu at ShiLin....not as bad as I thought haha

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