Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taipei Trip #2

Day 2, we took MRT from Taipei Main Station to XinBeiTou station in order to get to Yang Ming Shan and Beitou HotSpring. Then, later in the evening we went to Fisherman Wharf 淡水漁人碼頭 at Tan Shui and walking around TanShui Old Street.

Transportation in Taiwan is super convenient and people around can be super helpful if you are not sure how to go about with public transport.
It was a fulfilled day.
We started with Yang Ming Shan tour, taking mini bus to YMS main station, from there, change to another bus to different attractions stop at YMS. Lovely scenery and breathtaking view.

The Sulfur Spring

We dined at a small restaurant at BeiTou town, surprisingly the food was really impressive. The local noodles and some porky stuff...yummy. It is located behind the MRT station, few shops besides Watsons.Opposite MOS Burger

After some rest and wonder around, we check in to the town hotspring hotel to enjoy the sulfur hotspring at BeiTou.

Our 3rd stop of the day, Fisherman Wharf and Lover's Bridge. Besides taking some nice photos there, we also bought a lot of packed food there, some nice nuts and dried fruits etc.

We then took bus back to Tan Shui Old Street to buy 阿婆铁蛋 Taiwan Iron Egg and some other souvenirs and things.

After that, we had some local shopping at another new street opposite the MRT station and ate the local food....nice nice!!!

I love esp the fried meehoon and stuffed fish ball....very delicious!!!

Tiring day, but fulfilled....mission completed - good food, nice scenery, enjoyable shopping for food and other things!!!! I love Taiwan!!!

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