Monday, November 28, 2011

Taipei Trip #3 - Jiu Fen

I love Jiu Fen.....a old township that has got beautiful scenery, lots of shopping can be done, lots of food to sample......what else can you ask for???
We hired a driver to bring 4 of us for the whole day Jiu Fen Trip. He is indeed a nice chap, he is not just a driver, he is a professional tour guide as well.

We started off early from our hotel in Taipei around 9am, he stopped us to buuy/pack some nice breakfast, then we headed to Jiu Fen. I saw this beautiful scenery on the way, and requested him to stop for photography session...lovely isn't it???

Ok, we headed up to Jiu Fen, stopped by this beautiful waterfall and the driver purposely dropped us to a strategic point to take some nice snap as well!

Out first stop was the Gold Ecological Park at Jinguashi. That was the gold mine occupied by Japanese during their invasion.

My cousin sis who has been to this place b4, recommended this Bian Dang/ lunch box to us. Yummy lunch box, pork chop rice sold at one cafe within the park. the box is given free, indeed a souvenier ya!

Ok, finally we reached Jiu Fen!!!

We first tried the distilled coffee - not bad though!!!

Then we dined at this small but super crowded stall to try some fish ball and noodles.

Everything were so delicious~~~~~~~~

Another highlights in Jiu Fen was this special ice-cream... I quite like it!
Wrapped in special wrap, with some peanuts and leave~~~very refreshing!

I also love the kuih and Yu Yuan dessert!!! All freshly made!!

Everyone enjoyed the makan, shopping and beautiful scenery at Jiu Fen!!!


Miss V said...

Woooo!! -drooling- the food looks delicious!!!

SimpleGirl said...

Miss V, I really miss those yummy food !!!

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