Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Heritage Seafood喜临门@ Kuching

Our local colleague introduced this place last week. All I have to say is wow, finally there is a chinese restaurant that suits our tastebud well. Yesterday we went to Heritage again to savour other nice dishes. This place is forever crowded, therefore, pre-booking is always needed.
The lovely seacucumber soup was came in the right timing to warm our stomach, esp in a rainy day.

Then we ordered this Kuching speciality - Tomato noodles ( I prefer the kuey teow version we ordered last time, as it blends better with the tomato sauce, I prefer not so sweet version). Yummy!

Cold dish - combination of drunken chicken, fried prawns and jellyfish

Thai style sweet and sour fish fillet - wow, this was a hit of the day! Everbody loves it, fresh fillet with perfect sauce! Simply sedap!

I also love the fried rice - simple and nice

Last but not least, Sarawak special veg - midin , fried with belacan

Food is good, and prices are reasonable.
A decent Chinese restaurant in Kuching!
The Heritage
Ground Floor, Sublot 6-7,
Wisma Yee Soon Yew, Lorong 1,
Song Thian Cheok Road,
93100, Kuching. Sarawak.
Tel: 082- 252627

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