Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Prawn Laksa@Golden Arch 金门楼 3rd Mile, Kuching

Our foodie colleague recommended Golden Arch laksa to us. He always say, this big prawn laksa is the best in Kuching.
We will go all the way in search of good food, so we started off our day earlier and with little bit of GPS assistance ( since we are not local), we managed to reach our makan destination.

There you go, the much sought-after big prawn laksa@RM8/ bowl.

The prawns are really big and fresh, and this version of Sarawak laksa is different from a few I've tried in Kuching. We like it! Not as rich as the usual one.

He even ordered a plate of "Yau Zha Kueh" to go with the laksa. Frankly speaking, I have never done this before, the combination of Yau Zha Kueh and laksa....but to my surprise, they click well!!!
Worth trying and so far, I kinda agree with him, this is the best, until I try something which is better than this.

p/s: Open for breakfast Only.

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